Saturday Morning


A balanced life has a rhythym. But we live in a time, and in a culture, that encourages everyone to just move faster. I’m learning that if I don’t take the time to tune in to my own more deliberate pace, I end up moving to someone else’s, the speed of events around me setting a tempo that leaves me feeling scattered and out of touch with myself. I know now that I can’t write fast; that words, my own thoughts and ideas, come to the surface slowly and in silence. A close relationship with myself requires slowness. . .

A thoughtful life is not rushed.




  1. Lightly child, lightly…

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  2. I realized on my mini getaway last weekend how important, nay vital, it is to pull oneself out of the ‘riptide’ that our daily lives have become now and again. The change in pace and scenery gives you the wiggle room you need for a bit of introspection…

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  3. Love this, David.

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    Loge feels better … when not rushed!!

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  6. I love her message.
    No surprises!
    Although that photo makes we wonder 🙃

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  7. Never rush.

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  8. Love this. Miss reading your abundantly delicious posts.

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