T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week


“Fine art photographer Nicolas Bruno created a series of eerily beautiful images expressing various facets of his struggle with sleep paralysis. ‘Bringing myself to act as the subject in these chaotic scenarios reflects the physical and mental struggles that take place within the dreams.’ Having experienced the phenomenon – in which ‘the individual becomes conscious and is left immobile in a state between being awake and asleep’ – throughout his life, Bruno sought therapy through his photographic practice, transforming his nightmares into artworks. He meticulously plans each of the photos in his series, starting with noting his feelings after awaking from a nightmare to allowing historical references to inform the props and costumes of the characters that appear his works.”

See more by Nicolas Bruno (via Ignant.de)



  1. I love the effort he has taken to get the shot, Just Right! and, It is.

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  2. Tracey Carnahan says:

    Talk about turning something awful into something hauntingly beautiful.

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  3. powerful and haunting.

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  4. Oh I know that feeling!

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  5. Haunting…

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  6. Telling, skillful composition, subject matter at times, quite haunting. I can’t speak to his individual dreams and how sleep paralysis affect him, though I do think Nicolas Bruno is a smart, creative and talented man….For me, sleep paralysis has been a life long companion, along with two other sleep disorders…experiencing, sleep paralysis as child, was frighting, especially one who had no ability to communicate for the first five years and then as a child who never mentioned it to anyone, having come to the conclusion that it was normal…when I was married was the first time another knew of this…and then years ago a visit to the sleep doctor and then the sleep lab yielded answers…by then I had resigned to the fact that this paralysis was just part of life and that I always came out of it. I used the time to think and this gave me extra time with God…sometimes the paralysis is absent for many months at a time… years ago it got so bad, I was losing time in my day. I’d set alarm clocks around the house, to go off at ten minutes before I was to leave to pick up my young child from school (so responsible) …as I’d fall asleep at will, sitting up and waking up into sleep paralysis and waiting for the cycle to totally emerge to full coordination of physical awareness, I call it limbo time…I see these experiences as a gift in which I learned to trust, focus and be patient…I admire another photographers work, who creates, somewhat similar, amazing work to Nicolas Bruno…when I run across it in a file, I’ll email you his name or a link…PS: one of Nicolas Bruno’s photos showing people in the water with a bed frame makes the designer in me envious, wanting that piece of furniture that was used a prop…

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  7. His work is stunning!
    Thinks … hope they wont give me nightmares tonight …

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  8. Oh David, I hadn’t heard of this. So distressing. Christie’s comment was sad yet enlightening. Hugs to her.. xoxoxo

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    • So agree Carolyn. I hadn’t either.

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    • Carolyn, you are sweet and kind to send me hugs…I didn’t realize that what I said seemed sad, not my intention…just my reality…In life, there is much we can’t understand… we all have choices and we have such a tremendous responsibility to life a life in a passionate, kind manner, in which we error, learn and build… extending and growing love is paramount. We are all works in progress and imho we are to shine His Love outwardly in Joy on our faces and in service to others…We gain…We are privileged to have this gift of Life…

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  9. With a touch of “creepywomanitis”…

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  10. Laughing. (Note to self: She won’t let me off the hook)


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