Time to pull in the boundaries and lift the drawbridge


It’s a season when one gets spread out almost too thin in too many human directions, but come January first I am determined to batten myself down, tighten up, go inward. I feel the day must be marked by a change of rhythm, by some quiet act of self-determination and self-assertion. Everyone earns such a day after the outpourings of Christmas. We are overextended. Time to pull in the boundaries and lift the drawbridge.

~ May Sarton, The House by the Sea: A Journal



  1. I agree “Time to pull in the boundaries and lift the drawbridge” and unravel. 🙂

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  2. Are you going to follow this wise advice, my friend?

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  3. I like that boundary and drawbridge analogy. This is probably why January 1st is so important a day, as it is a date when you can shed the tired old skin of last year and put on a new one, like a snake. …There’s another analogy for you!

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  4. simply put, simplify.

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  5. WMS, pal. The drumbeat grows louder and louder…. You’ve gotten to me — I’m going to a guided meditation tomorrow night. 😳

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  6. Exactly how I feel. ♥

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  7. Oh god yes. Spring is the time for new beginnings and growth …

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  8. I know the feeling.

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  9. well said.
    but easier said than done, for when someone direly needs a hand – the drawbridge must come down.

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  10. Had an early morning of clarity in the vast open start of day. This only enhances more!

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