A soft gray morning


Such a tightly packed weekend …
I shall never be able to sort it all out today.
But there are things I must capture here this morning …
a soft gray morning, well-suited to a quiet think.

~ May Sarton, The House by the Sea: A Journal



  1. Indeed..& enjoy

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    A soft, gray, foggy morning here too. My kind of morning ….


  3. and just sit a while longer –

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  4. Love this peaceful image…and May Sarton.

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  5. Take time to breathe, pal….

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  6. In the winter we live with so many cold, wet, heavy, gray days which occasionally take on their own beauty, as the fingers of up-slope fog lay down among the forest giants, the thick moss and the multitude of fungus stand-out in vibrancy, silhouetted against the backdrop of grey, other times the fog can be so thick & heavy…we are so thankful when we see the sun, sometimes it is weeks! Long about the third week of January and into March I hear the words, we are going to the sun! We get in the car and drive 28-32 miles up river to breath the fresh air, so warm, clean and sweet….the water flows and glistens, delighting… and we do not want to head back into the grey and fog…we head toward home and up ahead we see it ..the impenetrable wall that will soon, entombs us…we watch the car’s outside temp. gauge drop rapidly back down into bone-chilling range (a real temp. swing)… we think how many people in town have no clue they can escape to the land of the sun? in a mere 40 minutes…Each day is a gift and I am so thankful to be able to stay warm and inside when weather dictates…

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  7. Aah .. a house by the sea is for me.

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  8. Ah, I didn’t even catch the title “The House By the Sea” …The soft, gray, morning, sky takes on a whole different dimension when the Ocean is involved, wandering begins… I just closed my eyes for a second and went back to the last time I was at the end of the Continent looking out at the vastness of the Mighty & Beautiful Pacific… I’ve been hearing it calling me, since the last of October… this spring, I will journey…back, back to the edge where it greets the land, lingers a bit…impacting,changing and influencing, before the tide pulls back, out to the mysterious open, out under the endless, soft, gray of the morning sky….

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  9. and to think a mere 55 miles away, lies the deep blue sea…(the sun is shinning here today, so beautiful)

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