Saturday Morning. Tasting it fully.


Without the interruptions,
nourishing and maddening,
this life would become arid.
Yet I taste it fully only
when I am alone here and
“the house and I resume old conversations.”

~ May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude: The Journals of Mary Sarton

Source: Photograph – exercice de style



  1. Me too…

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  2. Most of us are constantly experiencing sensory overload to where most people have no idea what solitude even is. I for one, can dream and remember the times I have experienced it, and I depend on those dreams to get me through these busy times.

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  3. yes, the cottage and i have an understanding…

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  4. My grandmother used to call the quiet times, “the pause that refreshes.” In today’s ‘hyper-connected’ world, they’re damned difficult to secure, but boy when you get them….

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  5. And this is why I rarely sleep past 5:45 am. Those quiet hours before the rest of the family awakens, with only the house’s own whispers to be heard, are my first nourishment of the day. Thank you, Dave.

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  6. Appreciate those conversations. Often in the dark of morning.

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