Pause. For 145 sec. Be transported.

A bird’s eye view of 2,000 beluga whales in the Northwest passage.




  1. very beautiful. you’re right, pure magic.

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  2. Amazing view!

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  3. Wow!

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  4. Thanks for the transportation, David. ❤

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  5. Magnificent! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Wow! Stunningly beautiful!

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  7. The grandeur, the abundance, the stark contrasts between light and dark, the lyric whale song, the perspective of our place in this vast universe, not all of which have we managed to pollute or destroy (thank goodness). Thanks pal–loved it. Full. Stop.

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  8. Mesmerized !

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  9. Made my heart soar and took my breath away…145 seconds of impact.
    Mesmerizing..stunning…peaceful….visually & musically… beauty in the freedom of the wild… Thanks for sharing the JOY!

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  10. Beautiful.

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