Riding Metro North. With My Schwinn


5:40 am train to Grand Central.
50º F. Top coat-free morning.

Morning papers.

Photo of the Day: Jogger in Beijing. Eyes visible. Face covered with a mask. Street flooded with smog. Mile 1 of apocalypse?

Climate change.

Lt. Col. Frank Slade (aka Al Pacino) in Scent of a Woman: “there isn’t nothin’ like the sight of an amputated spirit.

Bend it. Bend it back.

Mid-summer. 1970’s. Billy’s out front. Brother Rich and cousin Jim tail far behind.  The fishing pole is in my right hand and bending in the wind. I’m griping the handle bars and pumpin’ my legs.  Up down. Up down.  We reach the final leg, a steep decline.  Heads are tucked down and in over the handle bars. The Schwinn accelerates.  We lean into the slow turn right. And then into the slow turn left. The white birches lining the road are a blur.

Metro North makes its first stop and rolls on.  I turn my gaze to the window.  Lights from lamp posts, street lights and apartments illuminate the darkness and whiz by.

I turn my right shoulder ever so slightly to cock the rod.  Out of my right eye are lush forests.  I cast. The floater and lead are suspended in the air. The worm is tucked in tightly on the hook. Towering above, the Cascade Mountains watch over. And the cloudless blue skies watch over all of us.  The Kootenay River, clear, clean and lined with moss covered stones, meanders down stream.

The train pulls into Grand Central. We spill out.

The floater, red and striped, is suspended.  Hanging, frozen in time.

Hold it.

Stop right there.

Don’t let me go.



  1. You have a remarkable ability to put your readers right next to you. Excellent!

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  2. Great images!

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  3. WMS. No one can ever say they don’t know what you’re writing about.

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  4. Fabulous! Hoo-ah!

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  5. I caught my breath and held it (or so it felt) through the entire narrative. WMS….hoo-ah!! 🙂

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  6. Pete Dunbar says:

    Thanks Dave – I needed that.

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  7. Absolutely captivating David 😊

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  8. You paint a great picture !

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  9. Lovely. Yesterday I ran alongside my 3-yr-old grandson as he pedaled on his sister’s pink bike with training wheels. The streamers flew from the handlebars as he raced down the sidewalk. I am sore this morning but proud that I could do it, my hand on the bike seat, guiding, protecting. His little face, applecheeks, eyes wide, smile wider. If he’d been placed on the back of a bird for a ride around the neighborhood, he couldn’t have been more entranced. Nor could I.

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  10. Captivating! You should read these stories out loud on the train, the passengers would forget where they were. 🙂

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  11. I could feel the rush!

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  12. Fascinating imagery. You did well. Bending it back.

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  13. Hi David
    So glad to see you stop by. My health hasn’t allowed for much reading. I look forward to the day. I hope you are well and having fun!


  14. OMG…that contrast gave me a chill. At least you hold those memories tight…and give them to us. Always hang onto them, David.

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  15. get to the water asap and bring that fishing rod with you. make it a reality again.

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