It’s been a long day

Month by month
things are losing their hardness;
even my body now lets the light through;
my spine is soft like wax near the flame of the candle.
I dream; I dream.

~ Virginia Woolf, The Waves



  1. So … I’m sensing it’s time to get the blood going again to counterbalance some blahness. Unless you want to be a winsome poet. If that’s the case, I’ll let you be …. xo

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  2. Virginia Woolf was not okay in her head. She was a great writer but with that kind of writing, when she’s off in La La Land, everyone has to try to figure out what she’s trying to say.

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  3. it’s okay to grow softer with time

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  4. I know little of Virginia Woolf, she like all of us (are), was a work in progress…seems like perhaps she was in an stagnate, gloomy low place, eventually cresting to a high and falling… she was able to journey forward.
    A journey of metamorphosis…somewhat surprising to herself, I think…over time she gradually softened, opening her mind, heart and soul to accept the spark of energy, igniting the light, to flame the passion… fueling the joy of life…appreciating, reflecting….finding a set-point, tempering, mellowing to a warm glow…now able, she drifted deeply into the creative mind, dreaming effortlessly…Hope engaged…./// I hope that the weight on your shoulders is lifted…giving way to rest, revitalization and peace….

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  5. Been a long day…

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