T.G.I.F.: It’s Been A Long Week

The footage is being widely shared on the Wild Wings Safaris Facebook page – nearly 15,000 shares at the time of this post – and generating feedback that’s almost as touching as the footage. A random sampling of the comments:

  • “Leave it to the smart old women to solve the problem!”
  • “I feel like the mother was trying to allow he baby to figure it out on its own, but the other elephant was impatient. Elephants are stinking adorable! And they stand on their tippy toes!”
  • “I wish humans would look after their kids so well. Why oh why do we treat animals so badly?”
  • “Maybe it’s the mom in me, but watching it just stressed me out even though I new he was gonna get out.”
  • Aren’t animals awesome? We need to realize they have feelings like us.”

Source: Grindtv (Thank you Susan)


  1. Lucky little baby…

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  2. sometimes it’s hard to climb out of that waterhole –

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  3. It takes a village. Sweet.

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  4. The hardest part of being a mom (or dad) must be allowing your kids to figure it out on their own when it would be so much easier to do it for them. I love the way the mother ellie showed the little guy that she was there, she wasn’t going to leave him, she gave him the safe space to figure it out. Heartwarming!

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    Touching … finally Friday!!

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  6. Awww…poor baby…and so sweet.

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  7. Great ending but it caused me some anxiety.

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  8. “Leave it to the smart old women to solve the problem!” Ha it does take a village.

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  9. awwwww…

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  10. This made my day. 🙂 Celebrating the complications of youth…long live motherhood!

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