1/2 ounce and a beacon in the darkness

The NY Times has an average circulation exceeding 2,000,000 readers daily. And the story that ranked as “Most Popular” yesterday, amidst a deluge of daily news bleakness, was this one:

NY Times: Painted Bunting, a Rare Visitor to Brooklyn, Gives Birders Cause to Stare


“The object of fascination was a male painted bunting, an avian connoisseur of grassland never before seen in Brooklyn — and rarely found much north of Arkansas — that has drawn crowds of bird-watchers to Prospect Park since its discovery on Sunday.

“…for 30 breathtaking seconds, he put on a show, no binoculars necessary, flitting up into a bare serviceberry shrub, then darting right across the path to land in a patch of orange winterberries until a mockingbird swooped in and chased him off.  Scott Schulman, the manager of LeFrak Center, who happened to wander up the hill just in time, looked around in wonder.

“That was remarkable, to say the least,” he said. “Wow.”


Image Credits: #1 – Kirsten Luce.  #2: Daisylanepaul


  1. Perfect name for a perfect little gem. Lovely.


  2. We all appreciate a bright spark in our lives 🌟

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  3. We need more beauty in our lives lately. Perfect.

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  4. He’s beautiful!

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  5. Oh how I love this story. A bright spot in a torrent of darkness. Mother Nature to the rescue once more–a simple thing yet such salve to our souls….

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  6. He is so beautiful…and truly, so symbolic.


  7. He’s a bright spot, a gift from nature.

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  8. Wow is right. I would have loved to see that.

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  9. How refreshing that the NY Times opted to print this little ounce of beauty amidst the chaos and mayhem of all the other news. More of this needs to be reported on.

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  10. A colorful start to a colorful weekend. Birds are so magnificent, even in their tiniest. Gonna go out and buy some bird seed on my way home!

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  11. So exciting to see a photo of such a tiny beauty…have yet to see one in nature…

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  12. Such a beautiful bird! It is often little moments that can give us perspective and balance.

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  13. What a Beautiful bird in the outdoors, very relaxing and peace giving to those onlookers I’m sure. Growing up, we used to take the time – to feed the birds and watch them.

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  14. We need to find some beauty in these very dark times.

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  15. He’s a beauty. And I’m sure he came to Brooklyn to provide just that.

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