San Bernardino


They know, I thought,
like the birds of Iraq before shock and awe
on the first day of spring.
It was said that the sparrows and songbirds stopped singing,
their silence heralding the dropping of bombs.

~ Patti Smith, Her Name Was Sandy. M Train

Image: imandrah-land. Story: Shooting in San Bernardino Kills at least 14


  1. so touching… I can feel the touch of the silence… hit me. Thank you dear David, love, nia

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  2. Like so many others, I walk with a heavy heart this morning. It seems we can’t get through a week these days without word of another mass shooting. So. Very. Sad….

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  3. And the silence is so disorienting – and unfortunately too familiar.

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    Excellent! They know …. if only we knew!

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  5. Just can’t….

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  6. What is happening in our world that life is so mindlessly destroyed?

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  7. they sense a shift in the world as they know it.

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    Grateful for this posting, as right now – I don’t know what to say. Thank you, David.

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  9. Sad and hope Peace with the Country.

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  10. Right now we are all figuring out …. But beyond that is a knowing of something insidious that is growing. And a balancing counter that also must be acknowledged.

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  11. We must stand united, in having hope that rises strong.. that good will overtake the evil….

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  12. What is so sad to me (among everything else that is so sad) is that someday that six month old baby is going to ask about her parents.

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  13. perhaps its just my eyes – but there seems to be a global tsunami of evil and violence; it is far beyond my comprehension. I wonder what choice, good people will ultimately have to make. It makes me cry.

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