Sunday Morning


Perhaps we wouldn’t need chapels if our lives were already clear and calm (a saint or a Jesus may never need to go into a church; he’s always carrying one inside himself). Chapels are emergency rooms for the soul. They are the one place we can reliably go to find who we are and what we should be doing with our own lives—usually by finding all we aren’t, and what is much greater than us, to which we can only give ourselves up.

“I like the silent church,” Emerson wrote, “before the service begins.”

~ Pico Iyer, Where Silence is Sacred

Image: Groteleur



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  2. i LOVE the final quote.

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  3. Amen.

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  4. Earth is one BIG church. Our body is the Temple. Love this post, David. Perpetua.

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  5. It may be a chapel to some, a hidden dell to another or a quiet space in crumpled sheets before facing the day…. When we find it for ourselves it makes sense. xo

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  6. We saw so many churches while in Italy, but I agree, “I like the silent church”, it holds a special peace.

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  7. Looking at the window
    what can you see?
    Light beyond its frame
    or the beauty

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  8. When I smell Lemon Pledge, I am transported to the church of my childhood: a wee prairie church, not fancy, just sturdy with good bones. I hear the click-click-click of my “Mary Janes” on the polished wooden floors and feel the backs of my thighs stick to the pew as I slide into my seat. I love the people and the music but I like the silence .. the Holy silence .. the best. MJ

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  9. People allow the renewal of their spirit when quiet and meditating. The Bible explains meditation in many places, and so many students of the bible miss out on meditation because it’s misunderstood.

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