Driving I-95 N. With Sparks.


There’s a difference.
When your bones hurt,
And when they’re just tired.
When they are looking to heal,
and when they are looking to get set down.
These Bones are aching, to get set down.

The week’s reflections as I ride up I-95.
They light warm fires of gratitude.

Yes, Mary. It is the work.
My work.
Work that I’ve made for myself.
Work that I’ve chosen to claim my life.
My adult life.

And then, a final spark,
for Mary,
who has brought me Home,
and to my handsome life.

I don’t mean it’s easy or assured, there are the stubborn stumps of shame, grief that remains unsolvable after all the years, a bag of stones that goes with one wherever one goes and however the hour may call for dancing and for light feet. But there is, also, the summoning world, the admirable energies of the world, better than anger, better than bitterness and, because more interesting, more alleviating. And there is the thing that one does, the needle one plies, the work, and within that work a chance to take thoughts that are hot and formless and to place them slowly and with meticulous effort into some shapely heat-retaining form, even as the gods, or nature, or the soundless wheels of time have made forms all across the soft, curved universe – that is to say, having chosen to claim my life, I have made for myself, out of work and love, a handsome life.

– Mary Oliver, Wild Geese



  1. Mary always brings me home too. We must all be related 😉
    Enjoy your Friday night and the weekend ahead David!

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  2. ALWAYS love these, David. Especially so today with Mary Oliver! Have a terrific weekend.

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  3. “There is, also, the summoning world, the admirable energies of the world,” We chose what we carry and let go of. She is always so accurate in her descripiton of normal life.

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  4. oh boy, can relate to this one today LOL

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  5. A handsome life indeed. That for which we all strive. Lovely piece. ☺

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  6. Never, never tire of these. The effortless stitching together of insight, experience and the judicious reflections of Mary and others–love the, pal, just love them. Have a great weekend!

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  7. Yes!


  8. Enlightening sparks and reflections, David. Have a great weekend.

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  9. Thank You – Based on the theme of Work/Life, i heartily refer all to Marge Piercy’s poem – ‘To Be of Use’, a small and beautiful masterpiece…

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  10. and always the sparks of hope, of gratitude –

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  11. So…I’m catching up, working backwards through your posts…and as I move through so much that is good, such wonderful posts, I’m thinking “I know there has to be one in here somewhere, just give me one post, just ONE post with those words which continually show the fine tuning of David.” And, voila! Here it is! Love this.

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  12. Thank you for those enlightening words,David :-D….Very much thought provoking too.

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