It’s hot. It’s time.



“Pennsylvania native Oriana Kacicek, 29, spent her early years in a nurturing environment of great art, dance, music and literature. Inspired and encouraged by her mother, also a painter, she began painting and drawing at the age of one and continued the practice throughout her teenage years. Influenced by the light and color of the European Impressionist and Dutch painters, Oriana’s hyper-realist style is infused with wit and energy. “I’ve discovered that all art forms are fundamentally the same; they are about revealing truth and beauty, demand the utmost in time and attention, and must be grounded in good technique. I aspire to create paintings that are full of joy, color and light.” (Source: Oriana Kacicek)

Source: My Modern Met



  1. Yum!

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  2. I used to love Revellos and Fudgesicles, but as an adult I found that it wasn’t a good idea to keep up my usual consumption rate.

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  3. ooooohhhhhh yeahhhhh!

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  4. LIKE.

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  5. She’s only 29–she’s still in her early years! And those look real enough to eat, or, at least, real enough for me to go out and buy.

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  6. and these are certainly full of joy, all right –

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  7. That image nearly reflects the age-old family debate…which is better…Creamsicle or Fudgsicle ??? I voted orange. ☺

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  8. Christie says:

    Yes, it so far has been one Hot summer in my area. Fantastic work~ I love her depiction of ice cream cones, and cherry blossoms. I can almost taste that ice cream!~ More of her work is found here. In looking at her early work it was apparent that she was ahead of her contempary age group, cognitively.~So, noticeable in her art at age 2. She was home schooled “As a small child I was given free reign to draw, paint, dance, play the violin, sing, create poetry, meditate, read, dream and spend a lot of time in nature. I always had access to a wide array of the best materials and filled sketchbook upon sketchbook from the time I could hold a crayon in my hand” Her parents taught her under the principals of the Doman method (The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential) Her parents, artists were forward thinking, imho. Orianna Kacicek has grown into a very well rounded and talented young women.. imho ./// Now added to the discussion of the yummy ice cream carbs, ah oh yum ice cream is allowable on my eating plan! My husband had that fortune of having in- town grandparents who owned and operated the local creamery in a small mid-west town. He and his sibling would walk through the production facility and pick up the bucket of the oops error from the production line..pop-cycles and ice cream bars.The grandparents handed out ice cream bars for Halloween. My husband talks of the fancy molded and hand painted Christmas novelties. He said noting made commercially today comes close to taste of his childhood.treats.The creamery also supplied the mix for the Dairy Queen. He was also talking this weekend, while we were out in the garden about the fun it was to go to the local drug store’s soda fountain which his friends family owned. He and his buddy would carry ice up from the basement and there reward was free reign of the fountains before the store opened.. All nice and hyped up on ice cream sundaes and green rivers before they headed to school…I am sure the Holy Sisters at times wondered why they couldn’t sit still..

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    • Smiling. Wonderful story (and thank you for background on artist)


      • Christie says:

        Your welcome… I didn’t proof read, very well, oh well 🙂 One of Orianna other gifts include – “She trained for her career as a ballet dancer at the School of American Ballet in NYC, performing on the New York State Theater and Metropolitan Opera House stages, and continued to perform as a professional at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC” from her profile…
        Her mother also such a talented artist. Her work can be viewed here,
        Today, I enjoyed some homemade organic mango lime sorbet.(more like a pop-cycle consistency) Very yummy, intense and so easy to make…

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  9. One of each. Please.

    Thanks you 🙂

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  10. i should learn to paint ice cream bars instead of eating them 🙂

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