Tie (60 sec)

I did the rough math this morning.
The tally:
Each morning on most working days,
and a number of evenings out,
aggregates to tying a neck tie 7,000 times.
7,000 times!
The ritual is never preceded with a telephone chit chat.
Never with a high ball.
NEVER with a five o’clock shadow.
And certainly never with the Lumineers crooning Morning Song in the backdrop.
What the h*ll am I doing wrong? 🙂



  1. You need to put on the Lumineers in the morning? Give in to business casual once in a while and throw everyone off track? Do you even like highballs?

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  2. And who ties their tie with the top button undone?…no one.

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  3. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies but I’m guessing it’s the end of the day and he wasn’t at work and is dressing to go home…..

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  4. I love a guy wearing a tie…..

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  5. Oh, honey. At least he has a wedding ring.

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  6. Giggle Giggle

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  7. you need to change that up more than once in a while –

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  8. That’s why I never wear one.

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  9. I tried to comment, but the system just threw me out. Error 404. I guess it was a bit too, shall we say, unconventional thought. So no comment.

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  10. Ahh, the reason the many ties hang dusty in my husband’s closet. I miss seeing a man in a suit, I say keep tying!

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  11. Christie Annabella says:

    Thanks for taking me back to 10 evenings ago. I have a very fond memory along with a personal photo of my favorite soulful, crooner with his pink necktie draped around his neck and hanging loosely across his unbuttoned black vest His white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, exposing strong forearms & topped off with a dapper hat. How can someone,
    today at 31 have such a rat pack vibe? He sang this to me “You Are So Beautiful” …I was charmed for sure….


  12. Maria Mendizabal says:

    Dave, You are classy gentleman and your tie completes your business attire. Don’t ever forget it. The tie makes you look more important and professional in your job. Then your staff will follow your example and not dress like they are going fishing. You see, there is no other choice for you. Your gain is huge with all these comments.

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  13. I’m with Carolann…I like a guy with a tie. 🙂

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