HDM*: Breath (180 sec.)

GOOD (very)…180 seconds. Watch this…

HDM* = Hump Day Meditation


  1. Beautiful, harrowing, heartbreaking, uplifting – to do all that in 180 seconds is pretty amazing.

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  2. That’s it…


  3. The gift of life and breath! What a great reminder 😉 Ahhh

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  4. breathe in. breathe out. life.

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  5. The perfect start to the day. In. Out. Repeat.

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  6. Focus on the breath; there’s so much power in that.

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    Hump day!!

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  8. Ohh, I LOVED this, she says with a long exhalation. Namaste….

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  9. Just Breathe . . . Loved this.

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  10. Breath is life.
    In all its permutations …
    Awesome David!!
    Breathe easy my friend 🙂

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  11. Breath is powerful. Always, from the first to the last.

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