SMWI*: Soar

Stick with this short film until the end. If you are having a difficult time getting motivated this morning, think of Dave Jacka.

“I was this 20 year old guy…it was like any other day…one night I went out on my motor bike and I took a corner too fast and too late…head first into the tree…next thing I knew I was lying beside the bike, and I couldn’t move and I couldn’t breathe, and I felt as if i was suffocating…I was 6’ 3” and bulletproof and I could do anything physically…It suddenly dawned on me I couldn’t do anything…I have 6% of my physical body working. I can’t move anything from my armpits down…and suddenly my mom, dad and my sisters have to put me to bed at night. If I had one wish, I just wished I could get myself out of this chair…and have a fraction of independence…”

Be sure to watch the rest of the story.

*SMWI = Saturday Morning Work-out Inspiration


  1. Inspirational YES! Anything to complain about …NO! The mind is a very powerful instrument and gift, I will use it well. 🙂

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  2. As I wipe away tears and finish chastising myself for EVER letting the word “can’t” slip past my lips, I also cheer Bravo! What a wonderful story and an amazing inspiration….

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  3. I’ve climbed my own mountains, much the same as most ‘middle-agers’ have – there aren’t many who get an easy ride through the decades. However, stories like this shove it all right back into perspective. I worked with physically and mentally disabled and their sheer courage can be astounding; but this guy tops the lot, what a thoroughly decent chap. Today I’m pruning in the orchard with a cracked rib. I worked out that to cut overhead branches it hurts less to hold the saw arm straight, and then bend the knees and move up/down in order to get the job done (thankfully, no one in sight). I was thinking how ingenious…. until I saw this video. Thanks Dave for bringing me back down to earth 🙂

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  4. Determination is not just a word…….

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  5. Wonderful story!

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  6. I’m sure Dave Jacka has his bouts of discouragement and defeat, too. Like Undertaker said above, it’s his determination to figure out HOW that sets him apart. How many of us would have kept at it for 9 years to make that final flight? Goals broken down into small steps. And great support.

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    Motivation ….. Inspiration!

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  8. Wow! It truly is the journey and not the destination.

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  9. Awesome, my friend, awesome … limitations are in our minds!! Thx for sharing!

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  10. We should never grumble again. What a great attitude and determination this guy has!

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  11. wow

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  12. tears for his struggles and admiration for his approach to life.

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  13. Wonderful. Inspiration comes from inside. That’s what we need now, individually and collectively. Thanks for sharing, David.

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  14. What an achievement!!! I’m sure it’s a big enough struggle just to get moving at all but – to fly a plane – wow, that’s amazing!!

    Having a not so good day today, so this was an inspiring reminder that most of us are capable of a lot more than we believe. Thank you! 🙂

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  15. Unbelievable. Went between smiles and tears interchangeably while I watched. Still have a lump in my throat – beautiful human spirit!

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