Driving I-95 S. The Circle of Life.


The Departure.
The Frenzy.
The Packing.
The Awkwardness.
The Race to the Airport.
The Small Talk.
The Drop-off.
The Drive Back Home.
Stewing in Silence.
Lamott’s Drowning in Uncried Tears.
Smoke from Melancholia Filling the Cockpit.
An Amputee Rubbing his Stub – Where’s my Limb?
The Gap.
Tongue’s first day with his Missing Tooth.
Zeke Turning, Turning, Turning. Can’t find his spot. Lands Heavily, and Sighs.
First Thanksgiving Dinner with the Circle Broken. His Seat Sits Empty.
The Return.
“Who’s Picking Up Eric at JFK Airport?”

Notes: Image: Leniwi-ojcowie. Related Posts: Driving Series


  1. Reblogged this on sara2333.

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  2. This is amazing

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  3. Fantastic – I felt it all..And welcome home Eric!!

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  4. ‘where is my limb?’ says is all. wonderful, dk.

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  5. Lovely, DK–the agony and the ecstasy, if you will, beautifully limned in a few brief paragraphs…

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  6. Read it three times, the journey of goodbye back to hello and the ache of all that is between those two points. Savor.


  7. love this…so poetic…the love and passion painted all over it.

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  8. You beautifully describe the circle of life. I think what’s more important is less the absence and more how we treat each other when we’re all together. Glad your family is all together for the holidays!

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