There’s that split second moment

photography,black and white

you know when someone asks you a general question like “how are you” or jokingly says something like “do you ever even sleep” and there’s that split-second moment where you consider actually telling them things

like whether they’re good or bad things whether they’re sad or happy or anything at all you just

think about telling them


but you don’t


Credits: Photograph – Drowned in Daydreams. Quote Source – mirrior.


  1. it is a testing moment of endurance. Hold it. Just hold it.

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  2. Something that was on my mind this morning – how strange.

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  3. Yes I do have those moments, but I don’t get to because people are always telling me their stories or secrets ha!! I apparently just have a face that says “I’m listening”!! No matter where I am??

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  4. and you take a quick breath. and move on with your day.

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  5. People don’t do this to me any more. They know better.

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  6. As of the weekend I have been interpreting the question as: “How is your heart doing at this very moment, at this breath?” 🙂

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  7. You hold it and then, if you’re a highly sensitive person, you stew about it for hours, imagining all kinds of underlying implications in the comment and your really zippy comeback…….

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  9. Sometimes I do…then I regret it.


  10. I know that moment well.

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  11. Christie Annabella says:

    Most of the time I reply to their question by saying, I’m grateful. Usually people’s eyes perk up, their ears are opened up and their face is surprised. Sometimes this initiates further conversation. Of course, I also ask how they are doing. ..Sometimes i will be transparent and tell them that I’ve had a few challenges of late. Totally, depends on who I am talking with — Kindly, Christie


  12. Christie Annabella says:

    Dave, I would be interested to hear how that is rec’d. I also have an “appreciation of the wonder of nature, the beauty of art and the magic of music” I like to sing, mostly jazz and blues and need to work further, on my songwriting. .Kindly, Christie

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  13. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Sometimes it works out in ways more beautifully than you could ever have imagined, and other times…..not so much. 😉

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  14. Well said. I just wrote about this yesterday after a small glimpse of wisdom I had on the subway. I wanted to speak to the stranger across from me, as I often do, but for some reason I never have, just like nobody else ever does. It’s strange and sad all at once.


  15. Christie Annabella says:

    Good evening, The I’m grateful response, approach, did you have the opportunity to say that, today? Kindly, Christie (been a busy day off to sleep)



  1. […] It happens all the time. You know that moment when you start to tell someone something big, and deep, and raw. It might be how you really feel about them, or a story from your past, or it might be advice you have been holding back from telling them. At times you hold it in and later, as you walk away from them, you think inside: “I should have said it, I should have told them, I missed my moment.” You might even go back to that moment days and weeks later wondering if you will ever have an opportunity to share it with them. I was reminded of those moments when I read this on David Kanigan’s blog: “There’s that split second moment.” […]


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