8 of 10. Bam. On point.

grief, sad,hurt

In general, highly sensitive people tend:

  1. To be more sensitive to sights, smells, sounds, tastes and smells
  2. To be philosophical and more in touch with their spirituality
  3. To feel highly uncomfortable when being observed (e.g. by a teacher, a boss, during recitals and performances etc.)
  4. To have vivid dreams which they remember in great detail
  5. To have a deep appreciation for beauty, art and nature
  6. To be good readers of others, and of non-verbal cues
  7. To experience very powerful and intense emotions
  8. To find it difficult to rebound from strong feelings and emotions
  9. To be highly empathic and sensitive to others’ feelings
  10. To be hard on themselves, and unforgiving of mistakes.

~ Online Counseling College: “Qualities of Highly Sensitive People

Credits: Quote Source: Onlinecounsellingcollege. Photograph: Maeve:: To See You Like I Do by Reuben Wilson via Preciously Me.


  1. How right, especially number 10.

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  2. to realize another person’s situation/emotions from within

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  3. I’ve never thought of myself as a sensitive person, but this list suggests otherwise! I can relate to all but number 1…

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  4. Wow. Hello mirror…..

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  5. WLS – off the charts.

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  6. 10. and good morning to my fellow sensitive soul.

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  7. I’m all but #3—that’s the Drama Queen Gene.

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  8. I thought I would be a 10/10. Not as sensitive as I though I still “qualify.”

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  9. 7 out of 10, though #10 trumps all (followed closely by #’s 7 & 8).

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  10. namelessneed says:

    guilty/ of all the above/ & i’m a little nervous about telling you so

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  11. Read this the other day, someplace else and realized AGAIN I am highly sensitive. For some reason, though it felt like a good thing for the first time and not a rebuttal from someone who says “you’re too sensitive”. We pay attention more, care more…I find myself yearning to be even more sensitive.

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  12. 10 out of 10–my husband says I have “delicate sensibilities”–a lovely way to say that I am a pain in the butt

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  13. Amazingly spot on! And wonderful too, to find each other here.

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  14. Yes. 10x. Wow. From the looks of it, I am in very good company.

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  15. Wow – I just started reading “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. Strange how life takes you to places you need to go. Now I need to read your blog 😀


  16. Monterey Anthony says:

    Eight out of ten of these statements fit me perfectly. Not 3 or 10. As to my mistakes, I like to say that I learn from them, and I am getting to be SO smart. I’ve learned to laugh at myself.


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