photography,black and white

How heavy it is, this bucket
drawn out of the lake of sleep
with a dream slipping over,
so heavy that on some mornings
you can’t quite pull it free
so let it slip back under,
back into the darkness where
the water is warm, even warmer,
but the dream, like a minnow,
has swum away and is merely
a flash in the murky distance,
and the weight of waking up
seems even heavier. But somehow
you lift it again, its handle
biting into your fingers,
and haul it out and set it down
still rippling, a weighty thing
like life itself, in which you dip
the leaky cup of your hands
and drink.

~ Ted Kooser, “Awakening“, Splitting an Order.

Image Source: Michalina Wozniak


  1. David: what a beautiful image that poem paints in my mind. thanks for sharing.

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  2. What imagery to greet the day – magnificent. Everything of his that you curate, is fantastic.

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  3. makes me want to slip back under….

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  4. dreams that follows to the lid
    is a prayer, you hid
    warns you , hush you
    not to is in imagination
    a bottle of win
    doesn’t open, you can not take a sip
    eyes they open..but you want to take a dip
    morning my darling..your wife gives you a kiss
    awakening are better..I would have missed..this

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