Splitting an Order


I like to watch an old man cutting a sandwich in half,
maybe an ordinary cold roast beef on whole wheat bread,
no pickles or onion, keeping his shaky hands steady
by placing his forearms firm on the edge of the table
and using both hands, the left to hold the sandwich in place,
and the right to cut it surely, corner to corner,
observing his progress through glasses that moments before
he wiped with his napkin, and then to see him lift half
onto the extra plate that he asked the server to bring,
and then to wait, offering the plate to his wife
while she slowly unrolls her napkin and places her spoon,
her knife, and her fork in their proper places,
then smooths the starched white napkin over her knees
and meets his eyes and holds out both old hands to him.

~ Ted Kooser, Splitting an Order

Image: Dreamstime


  1. Love this. I feel like I’m transported to this intimate moment.

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  2. love this too — lovely moment

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  3. i love every word of this. it is all love and magic.

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  4. Dionysus Amber says:

    Good evening. I have awarded you my certificate for Great achievements in writing 2014. It is only a gesture certificate,nothing official. I just want to show my apreciation for all you do. Kindest Regards, Dionysus.

    Here is the link to the certificate: http://dionysusamber.me/awards/

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  5. A wonderful example of devotion and patience: two old people who still have time for each other.

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  6. This passage gave me a lump in my throat–immediately transporting me back to my grandparents’ kitchen where I spent so many happy times. Tears….

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  7. Awww….sweetest love.

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  8. Great post! The beauty of being able to cope with aging instead of fighting to hold on to things no longer possible, means life slows down and you have time enough to love and enjoy the little things once overlooked.

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  9. Oh, if this isn’t the perfect demonstration of love…

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