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This is what the Jawbone’s surveys show are the average steps per day for users of fitness step counters. (Saturday biggest day. Sunday, day of rest, apparently.)

Now here is my reality for the week of 9/8/14 based on steps counted by my Vivofit Fitness tracker:

Diary of a my Average Week:

“A”: Saturday. 15667 Steps. Weekend Warrior in motion. Determined to work it all off in one, long grueling work-out. Felt great to get work-out in.  Take 90 minute nap. Long shower. Then, head out to Dinner on Saturday night and proceed to wipe out all exercise gains.

“B”: Sunday. 13994 Steps. Exhausted from Saturday workout. Furious at lack of discipline on Saturday night. Get back out on run but can’t achieve Saturday’s counts.  Family Dinner on Sunday night. Extra helping of dessert was so good going down. Wonder where the weekend went. Belly hanging over pants. Regressing. Swollen. Angry middle aged man.

“C”: Monday: 5407 Steps. My body aches from my 2-days-on,-5-days-off work-out regiment. I’m dog paddling in guilt re: weekend food intake. But not guilty enough to do anything about it. Walk around building 2x to get to meetings – not conscious walking – need to get to meetings.  Skipped breakfast. Ate one less cookie at lunch. Promised to work out when I got home. The promise was made to my hand, promise unfilled. If you break a promise to yourself, would that be considered a breach? 

“D”: Tues-Friday: 3000 to 5000 Steps. Shocked at how sedentary I am. I can’t bear to look at the step counter. I put my watch on the same left wrist forcing the fitness tracker to slide up under my shirt sleeve where I can’t see it. The tracker, now snug on my wrist, is impeding blood circulation, but I do note my voracious appetite has abated. I think about sliding the fitness tracker further up my arm to my elbow, to choke off my appetite.

Today. Saturday. Do over.

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  1. Oh, god, David! I love that you’re sliding that hideous machine farther under your shirt sleeve. Who needs any more guilt and shame than you’re already dumping on your fat head? I DO love that you ate one less cookie on Monday. Atta boy.

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  2. Be kinder, gentler with yourself, my friend. You are human. And from what I can tell, quite perfect just the way you are. 🙂


  3. DK, you crack me up. Look on the bright side, pal, you were “dog paddling” in guilt, and swimming is purportedly *very* good exercise… 😉 and as Sandy Sue pointed out, you also put the kibosh on the extra cookie at lunch. Trending in the right direction, that’s what I’m seeing….


  4. and on the seventh day – he shuffled.


  5. Staying healthy sounds pretty painful.

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  6. It’s a pity that driving doesn’t count…but thank god for meetings. Particularly those outside the office. Hint: increase that number and shorten the duration. Combine with “managing by walking around” and your Vivofit will be happier. Great post, David.

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  7. Let it all hang out David! Your average is still way above what most of us are doing.

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