Silence of the morning rain


After a long absence,
I put on a record of Bach,
inhale the fragrant earth in the garden,
I think again of poems and novels to be written
and I return to the silence of the morning rain.

— Pier Paolo Pasolini


Notes: Pier Paolo Pasolini Bio. Poem Source: YourEyesBlazeOut. Photograph: Jordi Gual via Yama-bato


  1. Indeed, such a soothing sound…

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  2. balance.

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  3. The sound of inspiration.

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  4. Amazingly Soothing! Loved it.

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  5. The music of nature

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  6. Before plunging, come back to that resting place.

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  7. The dance of the water droplets
    Pit n pat..with a splash
    Softly awakes our inner hope
    As we feel the droplets soak
    our soul..with joy
    Never told..just a feel we hold

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  8. And always guilt over the absence.

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