Yes. But, a paper bird.

Be sure not to miss the entire collection of paper birds at her website: Diana Beltran Herrera

DIANA BELTRAN HERRERA (b. 1987, Colombia) is a designer and artist that has been working over the past years with paper as the primary medium in the production of her work. After graduating from her BA degree in industrial Design, Herrera realized that she wasn’t interested in pursuing a design practice as a life career, as she was more interested in the theories of understanding of nature and material as an element that exist around us and is present in an everyday routine. For Herrera, there is a considerable distance in the relationship between human and nature, and throughout her work, she aims to repair this relation by producing elements that are constantly removed, altered and forgotten. Her work is presented as a resistance where those sculptures remain in an ideal state and act like a model of representation of a reality that doesnt suffer any change.

Source: thesensualstarfish


  1. Now that’s “real Incredible”.

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  2. very beautiful work.

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  3. Amazing talent.

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  4. Absolutely incredible! I especially love the exotic birds. Can only imagine how many hundreds of hours each piece represents….

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  5. Amazing the things people are inspired to make!


  6. WOW! Her work is amazing!

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  7. Just Brilliant!

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  8. Super pic

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  9. Love her work and also her philosophy to represent reality that doesn’t suffer change.

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  10. Wow! Incredible talent, dedication and patience.

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  11. WOW – So realistic!

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  12. Wow. It looks so realistic.

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