No, it stays right at the front.

I can still remember how she looked. Black gown grey against the sky, clutching the scroll in the hand. So much hard work.

Did it mean anything when all paths led to the same end. You can extend the path you take. Choose the one less travelled. Be all the richer for it. But it is still a path, and all paths lead to the same end.  If you have a Lover and a Dog waiting for you, you are one of the lucky ones.  I don’t think there’s anything afterwards, outside the stories. if there is, how would that work?

She believed.  She wasn’t a zealot or fundamentalist.  But she believed.  Enough to not get scared at the end. Vast thunder storms. Fat on the horizon. But she could still see the sun. All things shining.

Sometimes I do the impossible. Steal a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. Light and full of love. I don’t try to stop her. Tap her on the shoulder. Pull her home.  

They ask me years later.  Does it get easier as time passes or does it stay at the back of your mind.  

No. It stays right at the front.

 ~ Jack Tasker


  1. good insight


  2. To catch a glimpse and let it be. Is that not a form of belief? This haunts me.


  3. yes, it always stays at the front.


  4. So beautiful. Longing and acceptance. Presence. Such gentle grief.


  5. Oh, this one got to me…tears.


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  7. He’s right, it always stays right at the front…always and time doesn’t make a difference, it just moves on. It moves on…without the person you love. The speaker has a wonderful voice.


  8. What a gorgeous elegy….. I, too, find this haunting DK. There are glimpses of hope, coupled with such aching sadness. I wish I could capture it and skip it between the pages of my journal to pull out now and then….


  9. Beautiful, haunting and true.


  10. A very moving video….


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