August 13 (today), 1851: I am dissolved in the haze

Thoreau, Henry David Thoreau

In the journal entries recorded in subsequent weeks and months, we meet with no passages quite so ornate or imposing as this epiphany entered on August 13, today, in 1851…

Thoreau made the following entry under the heading “Drifting”:

“Drifting in a sultry day on the sluggish waters of the pond, I almost cease to live – and begin to be.  A boat-man stretched on the deck of his craft, and dallying with the noon, would be as apt an emblem of eternity for me, as the serpent with his tail in his mouth.  I am never so prone to lose my identity.  I am dissolved in the haze.”

~ Professor Alan D. Hodder, Thoreau’s Ecstatic Witness (p.63). From Henry David Thoreau’s journal entries on August 13, 1851.

Photograph Credit: Time.  Quote Credit: Thank you Makebelieveboutique


  1. We should all be so lucky as to have a feeling of being “dissolved in the haze.” Thoreau knew and felt things that some of us may never get to…but we can read his words and imagine that feeling and strive for a “beginning to be.”


  2. I like to think of it as “immersed,” but “dissolved in the haze,” is a much more stunning image.


  3. To ‘begin to be’ by losing one’s evocative, yet somehow so very true..


  4. Thoreau is so wonderful. I can feel this hazy scene.


  5. I too am dissolved in the haze but not so lyrically


  6. Beautiful…..


  7. Easy to say if you don’t have to live in the everyday world of going to work and living in a city.


  8. Life and the way we live it has changed a lot and now just like *Generation Gap* there is a *Time Gap* between his and ours.


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