“A” vs. “B” vs. “C”

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Two questions: Which one of the four below are you? (Assuming you are one of the four.)  Which one is optimal?

  1. “A” > “B” = No “C”
  2. “A” < “B” = No “C”
  3. “A” + “B” = Some “C”
  4. “P” =  “J” = No “C”

Where ‘A’= Time Spent On What You Love to Do.
Where ‘B’= Time Spent on Your Job.
Where ‘C’= Amount of Your Free Time.
Where ‘P’= What You Love To Do.
Where  ‘J’ = Your Job.

Chart Source: Great Work Done From 5 to 9Indexed by Jessica Hagy


  1. For many years I was P=J=no C – and though I missed having more time, I really drank the whole pitcher of Kool-aid. Now I have C – and the perspective to realize that all that I truly care about rests in those spaces in between, and I am so so thankful for time…


  2. I was going to answer, but now that you’ve chastised Mimi for not following instructions, I’m just going to grab some popcorn and watch to see how this plays out…. Heh, heh, heh…..


  3. Sorry I tried but I couldn’t fit in any of them :p I am “A < B = some C" 🙂


  4. The formulae suggest that there is no relationship between ‘A’ and ‘C’ whereas, I think, much of what encompasses ‘A’ represents what you might choose to do in ‘C’. Why do they have to be mutually exclusive…?


  5. I was very much inspired by a quotation “I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.” and I blindly follow it besides it has its drawbacks.


  6. A = A = C
    My job is writing–I love to do it–it feels like free time
    That is not to say I do not have other jobs (bookwork) that I do not like to do–but the equation above is my optimal goal–btw, while I went to university and have some letters after my name, I have grade 10 math so do not try to make sense of my equations
    another btw–you inspired my post yesterday–thank you


  7. btw number 2 – I love Sonia’s recipe for life


  8. where’s the rest of the alphabets?


  9. Glad to say that 3 seems to be a good fit, although I’d add that A and B overlap!


  10. Well, #3 must be working for a lot of us…since we would not be commenting upon this post if we didn’t have just a bit of free time. Optimally, A = B = Some C. That’s not gonna happen in my lifetime. I’m actually not even sure I get this. Why isn’t the balloon for B gigantic??? I mean, if we have overwhelming jobs that take up a lot of time and that we are paid to do? At the same time, there is a lot that we love to do, so the balloon for A remains large, and we manage to sneak in little parts of that in our life, even with the overwhelming jobs…and doing the things that we love in a bit of free time become part of C.


  11. You can love your job but you still have to have some free time or it’s not good for your long term mental health.


  12. in my world, a+b=j+p=z = love every minute of both (always made up my own alphabets and was horrible at math ,so hope this clarifies my answer a bit. or possibly confuses you t no frustrating end )


  13. Right now 3. Next week 4!


  14. I’m on vacation…this thinking is far too complex for my beach brain!! All I can come up with is, “more free time, please” 🙂


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