4:03 am. And Inspired.

sunrise over black sea

Good Wednesday morning. Inspiring posts were gushing over the dam this week.  Here we go on my ride of inspiring posts of the week:

  1. Sun Dog kicks us off with a photograph of a sunrise over the Black Sea.
  2. LaDona @ LaDona’s Music Studio with her post titled This One Hurts.  Short.  Picture is worth 1000 words. Yes.  I was moved.
  3. Ivon @ Teacher as Transformer with his post I Walked a Mile with Pleasure: “…Leave nothing behind and look back only at the good that came of it. Know you served well those you met on the path. Hold your head high…” Hit this link.
  4. Serenity Spell with her post titled A Heavenly Hardwood Swamp: “Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God: But only he who sees takes off his shoes. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning”  Beautiful post.  A daily stop for me.  Read more at this link.
  5. Misifusa @ Misifusa’s Blog with her post titled Rest in the Clouds.  My Rachel shared this with me last night and encouraged me to watch.  You are going to say, you don’t have time to watch.  Yes you do.  Yes you do. Hit this link.
  6. Kalabalu with his post Athens as Matt Barett Views.  In one of my first posts on this blog, I speak about my love for this great city.  Here’s Kalabalu inspiring me with Athens again – one of the world’s greatest cities captured wonderfully in this pictorial tour.  Hit this link.
  7. Sedone @ Getting Better Man with his post R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T: “…The truth is, I’ve accepted as much as I’ve declined, and the Judge of Anxiety has neither been appeased, nor made to shut-the-hell-up. If anyone is going to stand up in my defense against this internally critical ogre, it would have to be me. Ten years of self-improvement and one vacuumed floor later, I’m now ready to represent myself…” Hit this link.
  8. Vicki Flaherty @ This Abundantly Delicious Life with her post The Invitation of Fear:You spoke to me with your tantalizing words
    You told me I couldn’t have it all
    You shouted at me, vibrating through me:
    Who I am is not good enough
    What I want doesn’t matterYou laid yourself in front of me
    You blocked entry to my soul
    You covered the essence of me in noise…Read more at this link.
  9. Tahira @ Tahara’s Shenanigans with her post The Eiffel Tower and a Random Musing. “…I know we are presented with choices and I know only with time and perspective can we see how truly connected everything is. One small decision made years ago, with little thought behind it, can markedly impact one’s current trajectory…”  Hit this link.

red umbrella

Happy Hump Day…



  1. Happy Hump Day David..time for coffee and your Wednesday inspiration.


  2. What am I doing up at this hour? I’m not inspired yet…but I can see that I will be soon with the day’s Lead. Learn. Live. blogs.


  3. I’m halfway through the posts. Need a break after watching the beautiful video……


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Thanks Dave.


  5. I adore your inspirations, but I can’t fathom the hour of them all….


  6. David, glad you were inspired by my post and poem. Thanks for sharing. Love your weekly Inspired posts!


  7. I’m honored to be on the list, David. Looking forward to being inspired.


  8. I am honored to be part of your inspirational list. Thank you. I am in some very good company here.


  9. Watched your # 5. Rest in the clouds. Cried buckets of tears. So moved by the video of that brave young man and his family and friends.


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