She’s coming home…

Lady in Moon Light Illustration

The image has been
a counterweight to darkness.
Pitch Black.
Every Father’s nightmare.
I call it up. The image.
To block. To deflect.
Her sinewy silhouette shimmering against the moonlight.
Waves lapping her toes on the shore line.
Her eyes closed.
Wind gently rustling her hair.
A need to believe.
A longing to feel.
Her at Peace.
That she is safe.
She’s coming home.

“Parental love, I think, is infinite…Not infinitely good, or infinitely ennobling, or infinitely beautiful. Just infinite…”
~ Adam Gopnik


  1. Simon Marsh says:

    Thank you David … for sharing your soul … and this searingly beautiful image


  2. Fantastic – on every level!! Chills on this end again, that feeling of holding your breath until you know, you hold and see your child. So happy that both your babes are back home for a while before they soar off again.


  3. Your love for your children and your eloquence in describing it leave me speechless. So happy that Rachel will soon be back in the nest. Enjoy….


  4. Thumbs up for the photo & the quotation at the end.


  5. Simon said it beautifully–as did you–tugs at my heartstrings


  6. Michael Zahaby says:

    Very lovely


  7. Such love, such poignancy…beautifully expressed David. Your heart is overflowing with all that you feel for your children. Thank you for sharing this moment.


  8. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    That one certainly stirs up a lot of emotions … so happy for you Dave. Your kids are blessed.
    Love the quote …


  9. Beautiful.


  10. Your eloquent description at the joy of your kids returning…makes me want to not let mine ever go… Just beautiful. She’s a lucky girl with you as her father.


  11. this award nomination is for you, please accept.


  12. Beautiful


  13. Lovely, very beautiful image.


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