She arrived Thursday night via Amtrak.  Traveling alone.  Now in her third year at college.  Time flowing like water.

Tall black boots.  Long hair hanging free down her back.  Carrying a black duffle.  Walking with a quiet confidence.  She’s pivoted following the summer internship in Manhattan.  A bridge she’s crossed.  A new found self awareness…I can play.  I can hold my own.  Her grades have popped up, even raising her own eyebrows.

Zeke’s nose recognizes someone familiar in the dark.  Then it hits him.  Rachel!  His entire body writhing with wiggles…he smothers her with kisses.

She crawls under the comforter and assumes her position on the couch.  Her couch.

The mood has turned in the house.  Like a warm fire softly cackling in the background.  Like Thanksgiving with the sweet aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin filling the house. Like Christmas Eve with carols softly playing in background.  Like tucking your feet in warm cozy slippers.

Oh, the delicious comfort of family.  Of children.

Rachel is home.

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      1. You must love them very much :)
        My son is also home for the weekend, he left home in August to study at the university of Maastricht, here in Holland.
        I hope you get inspired many times, I’m waiting for the book…
        Have a nice and warm weekend,


  1. Nothing like beginning the day crying into my coffee. I get it and am filled with joy for you, Susan, Zeke – and Rachel (I picture under the comforter). Life is at its best. Full stop.


  2. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a father. Rachel will treasure seeing and hearing your words. No wonder she walks with an air of confidence. You have given her a strong and secure foundation. Both of you are very blessed. Have a blessed time together making more memories.



  3. Behind today on your blogs. Busy day with soccer for boys and transplant reunion. Reading this one at end of day makes you realize to soak up all the moments you can. Thanks Dave for another moving piece and enjoy the weekend with Rachel.


  4. Lovely! You expressed exactly how I felt yesterday, spending an entire day with my two children and seeing how far they have come in finding their own path, their own life. Makes one’s heart feel like it will burst with joy and with pride.


    1. Thanks Laurie. Yes, the joy and pride feelings certain bubble up. (Until the 4th day of anchored to the couch…and then discussions about contributions to the household chores commences. :))


  5. David,
    I thought about your special relationship with Rachel today. My new grand daughter arrived early this morning. Her daddy, used to all boys, is all goner. There is a special relationship between daddies and daughters, to be sure.


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