There are moments when you…

…There are moments on the brink, when you can give yourself to a lover, or not; give in to self-doubt, uncertainty, and admonishment, or not; dive into a different culture, or not; set sail for the unknown, or not; walk out onto a stage, or not. A moment only a few seconds long, when your future hangs in the balance, poised above a chasm. It is a crossroads. Resist then, and there is no returning to the known world. If you turn back, there is only what might have been. Above that invisible crossroads are inscribed the words: Give up your will, all who travel here…”

~ Diane Ackerman

Passage Excerpt from

Eddie Catlin – Actor. Peter Batchelor – Narrator / Voice.  Music Credits: “Preparing” by In The Nusery. “Hope Renewed – Instrumental” by Martin Sebastian Holm.


  1. Love this David…thanks.


  2. Me too loved this.


  3. lkanigan says:

    “Fortune favors the brave”…love that!!


  4. Alex Jones says:

    Life is a set of choices.


  5. David. Te trick is to be aware enough to recognize those critical moments. Great post.


  6. Wow…the resonance of that voice (was it Patrick Stewart?), the chills as I watch, and listen – realizing that no action is no alternative. To trust that should one circle the chasm and make the leap, no fall is permanent, no height too precipitous. Wow. Full stop


  7. What Mimi said…precisely. 🙂


  8. This one gave me goose bumps.



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