5:06 am. And Inspired.

Inspired with Nature

Good Wednesday morning.  All of my inspiring posts of the week come from a single source.  Thank you Sandy Sue for pointing me to Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings who has started a series of guest posts called “Should Have Been Freshly Pressed.”  Peg awards the bloggers a “Freshly Pegged Award.”  Here’s some samplings:

Life In The Boomer Lane with her guest post titled Why I’d Rather Be 65 Than 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, or 55I hate that my body moves more slowly than it used to, that when I roll over in bed, my back hurts, that sex is accomplished in mostly one position, that photos of myself scare me, that I can no longer run up and down the stairs or sit in a pretzel position on the floor or reach way under the bed to grab something. I hate that reaching way down into the crib to pick up my grandson must be planned like a military operation . I hate that my memory fails at the oddest times, that I am beginning to lose a grip on pop culture, that I think a lot about being home in bed with a book when I am out in the evening. I hate that people in charge can look younger than my children…” Great post.  Read more here.’

Misty @ Misty’s Laws with her guest post titled The Last Straw…To My Heart. “I have an admirer.  I am being wooed on a daily basis.  I see him almost every day and he gives me what I so desperately need.  He satisfies my cravings and soothes the beast within.  He gives me the ability to face the day.  He provides me with the fix that I need before I can function every morning.  He is . . . the drive-thru guy at my Dunkin Donuts...” Read more here.

Elyse @ FiftyFourandAHalf with her guest post titled Corrective Packaging: “…Presbyopia.  Sounds like a terminal disease or a religious sect, doesn’t it?  It’s neither.  It means my eyes are aging along with the rest of my generation.  Mostly, I see fine with my glasses.  But mornings are impossible:  first, I hobble out of bed, my joints cracking like pinecones in a fire. Once I get into the shower, I can’t tell the difference between shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  I make mistakes…”  FUNNY post.  And I can related.  Read more here.

Thank you Peg for the entertainment this morning. And Yes, I am now an official Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings follower.

 Have a great hump day.

cute, photography, child, bird,chick

Source: Woman with Nature – 1x.com via madamescherzo. Baby Girl with baby bird: That Girl.


  1. Ah, aging with grace and a sense of humor. These will be added to the list of my daily reads….Thank you.


  2. Thank YOU David, both for stopping by and for the bloggy shout-out. I’m having a lot of fun with the Freshly Pegged series. The bloggers featured run the gamut from “only-my-mom-reads-me” to “I’ve-got-thousands-of-rabid-followers.” The only common theme is each piece is the one THAT blogger thought was their best, overlooked work.

    I’m delighted to get this chance to get to know your blog as well. It looks like a great place to hang out.

    ps that picture of the little girl and the duckling(?) made my morning.


  3. Learn to love each day of each year is what is most important and reaching out to make other’s lives richer. Age is out of the equation ….


  4. I loved all of the posts and they actually changed my mood. I like your choices Dave as they always prove to be the best.


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