Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Do NOT hit the snooze button!

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The burrowing owl is a tiny but long-legged owl found throughout open landscapes of North and South America. The burrowing owl measures 19–28 cm (7.5–11 in) long, spans 50.8–61 cm (20.0–24 in) across the wings and weighs 140–240 g (4.9–8.5 oz). As a size comparison, an average adult is slightly larger than an American Robin.  Burrowing Owls can be found in grasslands, rangelands, agricultural areas, deserts, or any or any other open dry area with low vegetation. Unlike most owls, Burrowing Owls are often active during the day, although they tend to avoid the midday heat. But like many other kinds of owls, Burrowing Owls do most of their hunting from dusk until dawn, when they can use their night vision and hearing to their advantage.  Burrowing Owls have bright yellow eyes; their beaks can be dark yellow or gray depending on the subspecies.

Source: Thank you fairywren for the photo by Alfred Forns.

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    I hit snooze button five times, I would not have hit it once on confrontation with your owl.


  2. i love this strange owl 🙂


  3. He looks so serious I almost have to laugh (but would not do so if he doesn’t have a sense of humor)…Happy Monday – wishing you a better week than last one.


  4. I’m up!


  5. Too late. I’m already an hour behind the 8-ball… :-(. But this image is motivating me to get hopping! 🙂 Your ornithological urgings never fail, David.


  6. Pete Dunbar says:

    Carl Hiaasen’s “Hoot” is a great read for teens, and uses the burrowing owl as a central character.


  7. What an expression! What makes us equate getting up with such a threatening stare?Could we shift our perspective so that we start linking wake-up calls with something we are really looking forward to do?



  8. Looks like he means everything he says.


  9. I should put this image on the lock screen of my phone, which doubles as my alarm clock, which gets hit daily, at least three times, when the alarm sounds. Perhaps if I saw this glare, I might think twice!?


  10. I certainly wouldn’t with that guy starring me down. Happy Monday David!


  11. lkanigan says:

    Now that is one heck of a stare down!


  12. petit4chocolatier says:

    Laughing, I love this owl!


  13. I wouldn’t dream of it!


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