Three Drops*

dry eyes, eyes,

Three drops.*
Fall asleep wondering if this is the solve. (Please.)
Amygdala firing up on ailment. (See.)
Doc said there may be issues later in life because of trauma. (Has it arrived?)
One month of angst. (Eradicated. With three drops.)
One could ask why did you wait so long. (Or, one could avoid asking.)
And one wouldn’t have a good answer.

* Disclosure:  Turn your eyelids inside out? Heresy.  Wear contacts? Nothing touches my eyes.  LASIK surgery to correct nearsightedness?  Don’t come near me with your surgery solution.  Apply your own eyedrops?  Can’t do it.  Keep eye open so drops can be applied for you?  Impossible.  Squeal like a baby when drop splashes on eye?  Absolutely.

Image Source: LetsBeConnor


  1. Sometimes there can be too much scrutiny..Eye drops seemed kind of benign until I saw this picture..Hope you’re feeling better.


  2. Good laugh. You sound worse than a little kid!


  3. What a picture!!! I have to do drops 2X a day (sometimes more). Has made a very big difference in how the eyes feel (which is the point). It gets easier over time and most of the time I miss anyway. PS. I’m with you about contacts or surgery!!!! NO WAY!


  4. Wow, that image is something else!! I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to my eyes as well, but up til now I’ve been able to deal with eye drops. After *this* photo, however, hmmmm…Thanks David, no really, I mean it, thanks! 😉 Seriously, I hope this is the silver bullet for you….


  5. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    creepy image! ouch
    quick – get to Tumblr to find nice images…


  6. I nominated your blog for Most Influential Blogs of 2012.If you want to accept, please visit this link
    Congrats !


  7. lkanigan says:

    Man up!!


  8. Ewwwwww!


  9. I laughed at “you sound worse than a kid” comment 😀 [ Get well soon, Dave ] (=


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