5:16 am. And Inspired.

black and white, photography, Luca Setti

Good Wednesday morning.  Here’s my selection of inspiring posts of the week.

  1. The photo above was taken by Luca Setti.  Check out Luca’s other shots at Luca Setti Fine Art Photographer. (See Galleries section.)  Awesome and Inspiring.
  2. Elena @ Live Simply, Travel Lightly, Love Passionately & Don’t Forget To Breathe with her post: Old-Fashioned. “In a town, that has so many healthy, but plastic-looking women, with ridiculous hair extensions, it’s truly empowering to be walking it, my way…knowing, that family of a sick child has to pay for a wig, according to that family’s income level, is more than enough reason for me, to donate my hair to an organization that gives it for free.  The family is going through enough pain and trauma as it is. I know, because I lost my father to cancer.  Authentic and inspiring Elena.
  3. Rob Biesenbach @ Act Like You Mean Business with his post Fewer Inspirational Quotes, More Original Thinking, PleaseThe Internet has ruined quotations for me.  I love inspirational quotes as much as the next guy…But enough is enough…Now some people may feel they’ve got no special wisdom or insights to share. Bull. You’re just not looking hard enough…”  Excellent wake-up call and post Rob.
  4. Steve Aitchison @ Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life with his post What on Earth is Stopping you? “Times are changing fast and more and more of us are realizing it’s possible to create a life for ourselves instead of life creating us. There is something more you should be doing. There is something waiting for you. There is a spark inside of you waiting to be lit. There is craving, a feeling, of something more important you should be doing. There has never been a better time to start…So, tell me this.  What is stopping you?
  5. Ivon Prefontaine @ Teacher As Transformer with his post You Reading This, Be Ready  Starting here, what do you want to remember?” Read on…
  6. Alex Jones @ The Liberated Way with his post How to Change the World. “I have spent too many years of my life trying to change or improve the world.  I won some battles, I lost others.  Worse, I became sometimes no better than those I fought against.  Often control made the situation worse.  I am reminded of the Greek legend of King Sisyphus who was condemned to roll a boulder up a steep hill only to see it roll down again, an activity he was condemned to repeat for all of eternity.  Trying to change or improve the world was my equivalent of King Sisyphus.”…Me too Alex.  Me too.  Terrific post.

And the Hump Day Inspiring Image of the Week comes to us from Nefes & Breath – Photo by K.Leuenberger:

dog, running, girl running with dog, winter, running in woods, running on path, memories, happy

Have a great Hump Day.


  1. Terrific recommendations as always…Thank you!


  2. I love your Wednesday blog posts!


  3. Have a good day yerself, Dave. I’ll be running with the dogs until the snow and rain hits later today. March making its in-like-a-lion entry here in the Northeast by this evening. Good thing I didn’t put the shovels or the Advil away.. 🙂

    PS – sorry about the eye…I feel your pain…

    – J.


    • Thanks Jeff. All that hub bub over the incoming storm – and what? Zip, nada, nothing. And, Jeff, I’m with you. Everyday running with dogs is a great day. Have a good one.


  4. Great photos and suggested reading once again! Happy Hump Day!


  5. Alex Jones says:

    I love your links David which helps me find other bloggers I like to read. Thanks for mentioning my post too 🙂


  6. petit4chocolatier says:

    Beautiful David!!


  7. Great posts, Dave. (=


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