You’ve Still Got A Friend

Thursday.  He was running late for lunch.  My college roommate.  Just like him to be late.  My mind whirring back to college…

Short (very) and stocky build.  Permanently attired in University of Minnesota Gopher sweatpants and an oversized sweat shirt with hoody. Everything hung large.  Everything rumpled.  “Unkempt, having an untidy or disheveled appearance.”  Webster’s should have added his name.  He was the magnetic center – the beating heart – of every college party.  Quarter-bounce champ into Pabst Blue Ribbon at the Alibi.  Ringleader for late night games of Hearts. Out late. (Very)  Up late. (Very)  Blessed with a quick wit and quicker on the ice.  Selected easiest path to graduation: Art. Sculpture. Sociology. Physical Education. And even this was a struggle. Yet, he was never late for hockey practice.  Vote never taken, but most likely to end up next to the curb.

He walked in. Hair salt and peppered grey. Blazer. Blue open collar shirt. Tropical skin tone. (He’s got it together.)

We hugged.

“How long has it been?”  10 years?

He laughed.  “Are you kidding?  It will be 30 years in May.”  (Wind gust of mortality flashes by me. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in 30 years. Where do the years go?)

We walked through the years as we poked at our lunch.  Work.  Friends. Family.  Marriage.  Kids. (30 years. And we settled right in.)

“I’ll be married 17 years this year.  We were taking over/under bets at 3 years on my marriage at my wedding and I took the under.”  (I would have taken the under on that bet too.)

He gushed about his son and daughter. Both with bright prospects.  (He’s matured.  He’s taken the look of his Dad.  Distinguished.  Calmer.  Less restless. Confident in his skin. Proud of his wife.  Proud of his children. My heart swelled.)

He spoke about his business interests.  (Most of us would be lucky to end up next to his curb.)

We agreed to get our families together for dinner.

I walked him out.  He was pushing on the wrong side of the door. It wouldn’t open. We laughed. (Some things never change.)

Vote never taken…

I’ve still got a friend.


  1. Good night. Closing my eyes. 🙂


  2. I love it when you meet with old friends and it seems like yesterday… nice for both of you!


  3. Wonderful story, Dave. Always loved that song.


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Melancholy already – this really doesn’t help 😉


  5. Sweet story…sweet song. Thanks David. What I love best is when you share little snippets of your life. Have a good weekend my friend. 🙂


  6. Bim Sohan says:

    I’m a lot younger than you 🙂 and did not see my best friend in 20 years. My husband surprised me with a trip to Canada five years ago where she lived and it was awesome !!!!. We picked up right where we left of twenty years earlier. Friendships like those are very precious so enjoy 🙂


  7. That’s beautiful!


  8. Wonderful story. Love how I can ‘see’ your friend in your story. Your lovely story. Thank you.


  9. What a beautiful story. I love James Taylor, one of my all time favorite artists and songs. I love this post!


  10. When you write about such touchy stories you always make me smile. Wonderful.


  11. Had dinner tonight with friends like that. We just picked up the conversation where we left off last time we met, weeks ago.


  12. I love that certain threads are so enduring that they can just be picked up with ease. Connections that endure despite years of being ignored. How we grow up in spite of ourselves, and stare back at our reflection with disbelief. And how we smile despite our amazement.


  13. 30 years. It’s amazing how we come full circle sometimes.
    And thanks for James.


  14. Another reason to get out of bed…you never know what the day will bring you.


  15. You curate a lot of great content but your best posts are the ones likes these! There’s nothing like reconnecting with a timeless friend and you captured the experience well…


  16. There’s something about “friends of the heart,” those with whom we pick up no matter the length of time between visits. Very special. And you, my friend, have a book in you. The way you capture these encounters, the cadence of your language, the illustrative anecdotes, all delightful. I will be the first in line to buy your memoir…. 🙂


  17. P.S. and a little JT makes everything go down nicely….


  18. There are relationships in life that simply never end. They have pauses, often long pauses, but it is like we were together yesterday and not 30 years. The conversation starts right where it left off. Thank you David.


  19. I recently met up with someone after about 25 years. It was nice – picked up where we left off as far as time goes – just lookin’ a little older – LOL


  20. Makere Stewart-Harawira says:

    Reblogged this on Makere's Blog.


  21. I just came back from a reunion with friends I have known for 20 years and whom I see every couple of years. We are always amazed how we just jump right in and feel so comfortable together. I am glad I read your post now; it really resonates with me. And I agree with those who say you have a way with words–a beautiful way. Thanks for sharing such personal feelings.


  22. petit4chocolatier says:

    Beautiful David! So nice!


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