I lied to myself. I toed the line, but it wasn’t my line.

This is a cross between my customary Saturday morning work-out inspiration clips, a poetry reading and a nature walk – all shackled together into one captivating production.  Charlotte Davies is the poet and narrator.  Her voice, both soothing and haunting, rhythmically pulls you along the beautiful cinematography. As one commenter stated: No words.  Just one. Ikaragarria! Good Saturday morning.

Revelation, a Visual Poem. from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

I lied to myself. I toed the line, but it wasn’t my line.

I played it safe, living in the city, but it was only a matter of time before my heart begs to exorcise the lie.

Surely the panic rising in the aftermath of that visit to the war museum. I remember that day like a dull pain. With mostly—if not only—the combination of the truth that what I wanted, what I needed was the moon and the wind and the shore and the ocean and the mountains and the warm rocks.

The heat and the softness of the sunshine.

The peace and the rawness of the storms and the cold.

The motion and the rhythm and the ebb and the flow of the tides and the wind.

Of this glorious weather all around

This was my line, this was my line, that’s keeps me whole, that keeps me rooted, that gives me faith

This nature frames my world… It’s a leitmotiv, a compass, an anchor, a constant companion, a steady hand.

I cannot deny it must be shared with those I love… through mutual touch, like a common DNA, like blood flowing from the top of the mountain, downstream along the valleys, down the stream, along the valley, into the ocean of each of us.

~ Charlotte Davies, Under the Influence 

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  1. Breathtaking. The confluence of the imagery and her hypnotic voice is perfect. The line that ties one with similar DNA to another, that feels like the most viable elemental part of who one is. Loved it.


  2. What a provocative way to kick off the weekend, David. I love the utter abandon with which people embrace life in this clip–they are participants, rather than observers. I admire that, and the joie de vivre is infectious….Happy Saturday!


  3. Reblogged this on Valentina Media and commented:
    Have you found your own line?


  4. They were actually tightrope walking across mountains? Incredible. Great adventure video and poem. Agree with Mimi, the cadence was mesmerizing.


  5. Wow.


  6. Really lovely. I appreciate your inspiration, David.


  7. Simply…beautiful. Thanks David. 🙂


  8. Yes! Yes! I’m going to jump off a mountain right now with feathers glued to my back and see if it will work. They have better glue nowadays. It was a beautiful clip, David, but I think I’ll just lower the bar a little for myself. Maybe go for a walk around the block for a start. 😉 Guess that’s my line to toe.


  9. Wonderful David


  10. I loved this video and the poem. I watched it three times continuously but feel like to watch it again. Thanks Dave for sharing such wonderful posts with us.


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