Sunday Morning: Return of the Sun

This short ~3 minute clip is a portrait of a modern Inuit family set in North Greenland.  Beautiful cinematography, music and script.  Good Sunday morning…

Return of the Sun from Glen Milner on Vimeo.

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  1. Magical..


  2. just amazing and so petic thank you david ! have a beautiful day ! bon dimanche !


  3. Vid. in my computer not working so will view later.


  4. Good Sunday morning to you too! Thank you for the enlightening video…..


  5. Wow, but that land looks inhospitable. Incredibly beautiful, but giving no quarter to its inhabitants. I feel chilled just from watching the video….


  6. Its always eye opening to see people from other cultures and how they provide, survive and live.


  7. Very nice David. Thanks for sharing this. Hugs-Sheri


  8. Okay. I won’t complain about the cold anymore. Sure looks chilly up there. Beautiful in a stark way.


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