Sunday Morning: Winters of My Life

Over half of the winters of my life have been spent here.  Amazing thing is how unchanging my feeling is for the place…you tear up a bit.  You know as I read my early entries, my first reflections and impressions, I actually like the person that wrote them…I found the right place.

John Weamer arrived at Yosemite on November 25, 1974 to research a doctoral thesis on John Muir and be the winter caretaker of the Ostrander Ski Hut…and he’s still at it almost 40 years later.  He is an acclaimed photographer and sells his works at San Francisco Art shows in the off season.  Check out his amazing work at his website.  This short and moving three-minute clip will give you some sense of his love for Yosemite.

Good Sunday Morning.

Winters of My Life from Jonathan Burhop on Vimeo.

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  1. As much as I love what I do…I would trade places in a heartbeat.


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  3. Moved to tears – I have to watch this again, it struck such an emotional chord in me…


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  5. This is, to me, what commitment and dedication looks like. Let us not forget passion.


  6. So poignant and sweet…a life lived and loved.


  7. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, Dave.


  8. Seems that Jonathan has a bucket list with one item on it and he keeps doing that over and over. As for me I don’t believe in bucket lists but if I ever saw a perfect one it might be his.


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