Sunday Morning: Fragments of Iceland

Fragments of Iceland from Lea et Nicolas Features on Vimeo.

Wonderful short clip to put you in that Sunday morning frame of mind. The video is beautifully paired with music by The Cinematic Orchestra called To Build a Home.  Good Sunday morning…

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  1. Lori and I were talking about you yesterday (briefly so don’t get all concerned) – we don’t get it. How do you do it all Dave? Family, demanding job, self-deprecation, inspiration, more references to sites, blogs, posts, quotes, articles than anyone we’re ever met. And you fret about how long you go for a run? This post is magical – yet again. Finding missing pieces and…wonder.


    • Answer: Your inspiration. 🙂 Thank you Mimi. As always. I appreciate your kind words and thoughts.

      I read a Jonathan Swift quote recently from Michael Wade @ Execupundit: “May you live all the days of your life.” Replace “days” with hours and minutes and that about captures it.


      • Ah David, would that we were just being kind…we were in awe and shaking our heads. We don’t get it, we marvel at you and you’ve got two great friends & fans in this universe we do and don’t see. Now, having you integrate any of these nice things we said into your thought process about yourself – now THAT would be priceless. (Had to tweak you a little pal, or this would have gotten too..too…gushy)


      • I had to edit my first response above – too quick and flip out of the gate for a Sunday morning. In response to this comment, let’s just say Yes Mimi. Yes. (And, no worries, my tweaks are coming. And I’ve been told by family and friends, my responses are always disproportionate to the crime. :))


  2. A lovely video. And I had to chuckle at the end.
    “And now I understand everything.”
    Obviously, these film makers are *very* young.


  3. Lovely way to begin a Sunday……love the music. Watched and listened twice.


  4. Absolutely mesmerizing. The stark beauty of the place literally had me transfixed. And yes, David, your ears should have been burning ever so slightly yesterday. I told Mimi that I’m convinced that you’re figured out a way to squeeze 26-27 hours out of every day, leap tall buildings in a single bound, AND STILL self-flagellate ’cause ya didn’t run that extra mile. 🙂


  5. Great way to start Sunday. Awesome combination of video and music.


  6. Beautiful video and music, David. “Everything makes sense now.” I wish. 🙂


  7. Looks cold and desolate, bleak, and beautiful.


  8. Beautiful video. They are very creative. And the music was perfect.


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