I am here on purpose…

Boy Running in Water on Beach Gif

Six days back at work…after a two week vacation.

Tension. Decompression. Recharge.  Ramp-up.  Escalation. Full engagement. Tension.

Full loop restored.

And, cycle time is compressing year over year.

Meetings. Emails. 2013 Planning.  Events. Phone calls. Problems. Opportunities.  Running. Faster.

In a momentary gap in my schedule…a mental image of this photo flickers by…a photo tripped into during the recharging phase of vacation.  Image darts in and out for days. Pulling me back to a time when life was simpler. When picking sweet, juicy Bing cherries and filling the bucket was the task of the day.

I am here on purpose...

Melody Beattie is whispering to me now…

Realize I’m where I am on purpose, even if it’s an accident. Sometimes the most trivial things that happen to us are more important than we believe. When I look for the big, the exciting and the momentous – I leave empty-handed. When I surrender to the present moment, understanding the sheer magnificence of each of these in my life – even those that suck — and then follow that with gratitude, my wheelbarrow overflows.

I am here on purpose…

My three minute sabbatical refreshes.

On to the next meeting.

A challenging client plans to re-engage and double his commitment.  He’s gushing about his future prospects. I’m pulled along with his euphoria.

I jump onto a call with a former colleague.  He is referring a friend and he thought that “our firm and our team offered him the best career growth opportunity.”

I run into a team member in the hallway: “You look so stressed? Anything I can do to help?”  She thanked me for my concern and responded: “No Dave.  On the contrary.  We are a few minutes from making significant headway on…

The Boy is back…running on the beach.  With a smooth and easy gait.  Gentle summer breeze blowing through his hair.  Sand oozing in and out between his toes.  Running for no other reason than to get to the other side.

Image Source: Good Memory.  Quote: Melody Beattie: So That’s How It Goes


  1. Return to this beach as often as possible my friend..no matter what the day brings, it’s always there.


  2. We all have “beaches” we can draw inspiration and solace from, even if they are years gone by. Mine is a yellow poppy field in Cypress some 44 years ago. I can still see and smell it if I just close my eyes. Thanks Dave for reawakening my “beach”.


  3. Running on that beach sounds wonderful…a good memory like that can soothe the soul.


  4. This is lovely. You’ve hit your stride today.


  5. Reblogged this on What I see, what I feel, what I'd like to see… and commented:
    Great stuff, David! Happy New Year…


  6. Excellent…..love this. I imagine the beach run becomes easier when you’ve figured out what your purpose is..we can all be as lucky.


  7. Barneysday says:

    Perhaps he is not running to get to the other side, but is in fact just running for the sheer joy of it. Good post


  8. Love this. I am on purpose now, too, and pulling myself back into the moment. Thank you!


  9. Your post inspired me today. Just what I needed. Thanks Dave.


  10. Why does this make me want to cry? I’m just getting back into plowing through work too…after having a bit of time off, and I’m already exhausted. Yes, we are all here on purpose. Thanks David.


  11. running towards the waves, the boy wants his feet to tell, when he should stop running and start swimming..


  12. Great post David, I really enjoy hearing from you. Those short escapes are energizing…


  13. If he keeps on running he’ll never reach his destination (in this clip) but he’ll be in good shape – until he disappears altogether. How long can these repeating clip characters go without a stop for a burger?


  14. I love that: “. . .my wheelbarrow overflows.”


  15. What a wonderful, care-free image. 🙂


  16. Read this first thing this morning getting treatment. Loved the piece by Melody Bettie.. So true that a lot of the times the trivial things are magnifecent. Thanks Dave for reminding me that less is more!!


  17. hi friends
    yesterday while runing at beach i lost my friend because there was too much crowd


  18. Love the words to go with the boy running … it is exactly how we can feel sometimes.
    Great metaphor ….


  19. Your writings are not just what you write it’s beyond that. A certain percentage of the total could be understood by few but one has to be a good observer and a deep thinker to feel the feeling and to find the meaning of what you write from the ocean of words.


  20. Lovely, Just to ‘ Realize I’m where I am on purpose’ is more than enough. Wish everyone could.


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