5:03 am. And, Inspired…

canoe, canoeing, river, mist, fog, Golden Ears Mountain

Good Wednesday morning. The peaceful, easy feeling photo above of the Alouette River, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia was taken by Kevin van der Leek.

Paulette Mahurin @ The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap with her post The Touch That Changed My Life: “While in grad school at UCLA, I had a clinical rotation at a VA outpatient hospital, when a homeless man was brought in to the emergency room. He was filthy with a foul odor, as if he hadn’t changed his clothes in days nor took them off to go to the bathroom. I saw him come with the paramedics and the commotion that ensued with a lull before anyone started treatment, to gown and glove up, goggles over eyes, all body parts covered…Read More at this link.  Inspiring.  Period.

Linda Petersen @ Raising Five Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog with her post I Have Raised My Children Right in the Most Important Area: “I am sure that every parent questions how they have raised their children. I know I have.  I have not been strict enough in making them eat all of their vegetables and clean their rooms, (mainly because I don’t eat all of my vegetables and clean my room.) I know to some people  this is a major parenting faux pas.  However, I have raised my children right in the most important area…caring for others…”  Read the rest of this inspiring story at this link.  And don’t miss Linda’s ABOUT page.

Michael Wade @ Execupundit.com with his post New YearThe new year will be won or lost five minutes at a time; sometimes in even smaller increments”…Read more at my daily stop at this link.

Mimi @ Waiting For The Karma Truck with her post “A Final Thought for 2012” and her share of a May Sarton poem titled New Year Resolve:

The time has come
To stop allowing the clutter
To clutter my mind
Like dirty snow,
Shove it off and find
Clear time, clear water.  Read the rest of the poem at this link.

And here’s a shot by Carol Welsh @ Flowers, Trees & Other Such Gifts of Nature with her shot of a Yellow Rose.  Check out Carol’s other great shots at this link.

Yellow Rose, Carol Welsh

Have a great Hump Day…


  1. For the first time ever, I can say that I had read these posts and that all are deserving (I would exempt myself comfortably if May Sarton’s poem wasn’t so lovely). It’s a first of the year!


  2. Wow, what a line-up, David. You really know how to kick a year off….incredible! I was feeling a little sorry for myself this morning, but I can safely say that emotion has left the building. Thx….. :-). L


  3. Wednesday inspirations. I live for hump day. Thanks once again for your recommendations and picks.


  4. David ~ what a lovely line up! Thanks for making my Wednesday so inspiring!


  5. Happy Wednesday to you my friend…and thank you. 🙂


  6. Very inspiring blogs, David. I enjoyed them all.


  7. Happy New Year David, it was a great hump day, even though I was back at work. Have a great evening!


  8. Hi, HAPPY NEW YEAR. What a calm, soothing lovely pic. Yellow rose is great my favorite.


  9. The photo above was not taken by Elizabeth Gadd — it was taken by me! http://www.flickr.com/photos/kvdl/


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