Feel like…

tired, sad, bored

Source: cerbervs


  1. Awwww!


  2. Feelin’ like a bear this morning?? That could also mean furry, protective, warm and more vegetarian than carnivore – but, somehow I don’t think that’s the idea? Better to be the bear than the salmon? Ok – I’ll full stop.


  3. My dad always said, “If you’re gonna be a bear, might as well be a grizzly!”. 😉


  4. Hope, like the bear in the photo, you remain undisturbed.


  5. why early in the morning, do you need to give me a sermon ..that is why, I am in the cold water..trying to get cool effectively ..and am hungry too ..so send me something better than a cold shoulder


  6. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Oh dear. And it’s only Tuesday… Long ways to go.


  7. Still keeping your head above water, David? 😀


  8. Yep…I have felt that way many a morning 🙂


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