Life is going by too fast…

Charlie Brown, Linus, Peanuts, Baseball, learn

Source: Thank you Not Perfect Me

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  1. Man we are on the same frequency level. What a coincidence I was having the same feeling from yesterday (=


  2. Yep, I can identify with this cartoon.


  3. As I signed up for two volunteer organizations and beat myself up with gusto yesterday for not making more of my days…wow. I enjoy being your cyber-buddy and foil, but I didn’t realize that meant you woul get inside my head too…Not to mention that I almost put John Mayer’s ‘Stop This Train’ on my site this morning. Very weird..must have more coffee.


  4. Sometimes….being in a void give us the incentive to move out with new ideas. I for one, am for keeping it the same…don’t stop the clock….adapt…thrive.


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  6. Learning a lot lately. Life is going by fast. Lets not stop the clock…but slow it down a bit.


  7. I couldn’t agree more.


  8. Just this morning I commented on how time is going by too fast!


  9. Can’t stop “the clock” = just enjoy every minute!!!


  10. It would be nice to stop time just for a bit every now and then to catch up and then move on.


  11. The moment I stop thinking about time, am emerged in the experience, time becomes irrelevant. All of a sudden everything goes time fast and slow at the same time. Weird.


  12. haha. thanks for a laugh. 😀


  13. Not Perfect Me says:

    Thank you for sharing! 😉


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