The Ocean is the most elemental…

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach. I have heard them all, and of the three elemental voices, that of ocean is the most awesome, beautiful and varied.

Henry Beston

Quote Source: Thank you Rob Firchau @ Hammock Papers. Image Source: abirdeyeview


  1. I love the ocean the ions help my body relax.


  2. Toni Childs “Where’s The Ocean” – a must listen one of these days..


  3. So peaceful one minute, so destructive the next…..such is nature. In spite of it all, I love living near the ocean but appreciate its power. And the sound is pure magic.


  4. I have the best of both worlds where I live, with woodland behind me and the sea to my fore, but, yes, the ocean plays the most varied movements within one grand symphony.


  5. There is something both soothing and fightening about sitting on the beach in front of the waves. (Pink sky?)


  6. Something about the ocean that changes your mindset. A powerful beauty.


  7. I love the ocean, but these loops are so frustrating. I know that wave will never make it to shore but I keep watching to see if it will. Looks like enough of a wave to go body boarding on. But, again, what if I never got to shore? Guess I’d have to ride the wave forever.


  8. It’s a shame that I don’t get to hear the crashing waves much, one of the downfalls of living inland. But I guess it makes that trip to the seaside even more special 🙂


  9. For me *Sea+Sky=Love* When I am with them I am often Freezed. Awestruck. Content. Lost.


  10. I too have been blessed enough to hear all three of these “elemental” sounds. For me, the sound of rain always draws me. Many a time I have forgotten myself in the middle of a task because I heard the water’s call as it tapped across surfaces. Oh but we live on a magnificent planet that can provide our souls with such wonders 😀


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