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Good Wednesday morning.  Two missions today: sharing inspiring posts of the week from several of my favorite bloggers and blogger award nominations.

In the category of just so-very-good, is a post from Thomas Ross @ “Only Here Only Nowwith his post titled: Affliction.“The worst thing, the most terrible thing, was to see the reflection of my critical gaze in the people I love the most- to understand how I had fed their self doubt all those years.   How I had harmed those I loved so deeply…” 

In the bucket of yanking on my heart strings, Ray Visotski @ Simple, Village Undertaker with his postButterfly Kisses”: I remember Kelliann playing it for me for the first time when the song was a hit. We decided that it would be the song we danced to at her wedding…It may or may not be the first song, as I cannot listen to it without sobbing…)  Me too Ray.  Me too…

In the bucket of growth and re-birth, Brenna Gee @ Space2Live with her post title Steven Tyler and an Introvert: Expanding Through Music, Stillness and the Inner Garden:(Steven Tyler) Just recently my dad came over to the house – he’s ninety-three now!  And I sat down next to him at the piano and he played Debussy’s Clair de Lune…  It was so deep and invoked so much of that early emotion laid on top of my adult emotions that I wept like a baby…(and then Brenna)…As for me, I went through a withdrawal process that started with caring for my body…”

Thank you Michael Hurley @ We Move Together, Cristi Moise @ Simple, Interesting and VC @ Feel Positive for nominating me for the  Very Inspiring Blogger Award”, the “Addictive Blog Award” and the “Reader Appreciation Award” respectively.  I appreciate your kind words and I’m humbled by the recognition.

I’d like to nominate the following bloggers for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”:

To accept the award, the rules are:

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you
  2. Post the award image to your page.  (Here’s the Link)
  3. Tell seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 10 other blogs
  5. Let them know they are nominated

Disclosure: As some of you know, I have been a reluctant participant in the awards process. And I need to explain why. (So, I can sleep at night.)  I’m conflicted as I have certainly benefited personally with heartwarming recognition and acquiring additional followers and so many good friends.  Yet, I’m finding it challenging (impossible?) to find the time to read, post and fulfill award obligations – – including finding, naming, notifying, and posting the names of 15 new blogger nominations per award – – and to do so on a timely basis and in an honorable way.  This is becoming difficult.  I’d like to reciprocate with award nominations over time when I have adequate time to meet the spirit of process.  If this works for you terrific.  If not, I hope you are understanding of my position.  Thank you.    

And the Hump Day Image of the Week: BE LIKE SEAL.  BE HAPPY!

Seal.  Happy.  Picture.  Photopgraph.


  1. Wonderful inspirations and deserving nominations all! And congratulations to you David – you rock this community with your talent, observations, creativity, and more. No self-deprecating, self-effacing responses allowed (I realize I don’t make the rules on your blog…:-))


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I agree. Thanks for sharing your inspiring posts.



  3. Congrats, as always, David, for lighting our days with inspiration and insight!


  4. Thank you for the mention, David. It is indeed an honor as we welcome each other into our “extended” families…..RJV.


  5. David, I am truly honoured. I accept your award with humility and deep gratitude, as to me, a comparative novice in the Blogosphere, you are a Giant. Now I need to get on and carry out the actions you require of me! Many thanks. Michael


  6. Great post. Great inspirational links. Thank you.


  7. You are deserving, David. Thank you for the links to other inspiring blogs. The song Butterfly Kisses became a hit the year that I got married. My dad and I put together a slide show of my growing up years with the song. It was shown at my wedding. The song makes me cry, too. I like and really understand your disclosure. Well said.


  8. Thank you, thank you for the mention David. I’m so honored! Since I stumbled upon your blog I have been inspired every day. It’s wonderful to find and follow a writer who sees beauty and encouragement in so many things. May we both remain awe-filled. May we continue to spread that joy and buzz around with the thoughts and feelings we share on our sites.

    I also hear and understand what you said in your “disclosure”. I feel the same way but will try to share the love and give recognition to some deserving blogs I read. It may take some time…


  9. Good Morning David, What an honor and surprise to be nominated for this award by you. Your blog has been an inspiration to me and I always know that when it shows up in my e-mail that I am going to be uplifted in some way. Those of us in this blogger world know the time, effort and love we have for doing it. I feel yours each time I read a post and the fact that you find value in my posts is such a blessing to me. Being valued and appreciated is the greatest gift you can give to one, thank you..
    I am on vacation right now and will get on to my award duties in a few days 🙂


  10. Add me to the list of disclosure approvers. It’s hard to recognize everyone. Life isn’t supposed to be a chore, so why not everyone relax and enjoy each other’s blogs and not worry about this award stuff. I don’t think blogging started out with the intention of being a contest. We all strive for excellence in our blog blabbing, and it’s not because we want or need that gold star for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to check my mail. “The envelope, please… And the winner is….”


  11. I share your sentiments exactly! That’s why I invented the universal, one-time Diamond Goddess Award http://humoringthegoddess.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/the-diamond-goddess-award/
    I think anyone who writes (or makes an attempt to write) deserves this award! And it doesn’t have to come from anyone — it comes from the sparkle of your own heart…


  12. David,

    I’m so grateful for your kind words and for passing along my writing.

    This has been an amazing four months for me. I have been knocked over by the generosity and support I’ve received from you and others.

    Thanks so much.



  13. Hi David,

    Love the seal photo and love your blog. Keep up the great work!


  14. David – thanks for pointing the way to other blogs and great writing. You have become a hub for me and others. Your own writing, shared media and pointing to others is terrific. I hear you on the award thing … I like the idea above from Claudia – a one time Diamond Goddess Award (hey why not) for all of us who take the risk, write, and press the “publish” button.
    – Michael


  15. Thank you Ray…



  1. […] baked cinnamon rolls, I was surprised by an e-mail advising me that I had been nominated for the “Inspiring Blog Award” by David Kannigan of the Lead.Learn.Live […]


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