4:23 am and inspired. Climbing the (big) dune…



The photo is a sand dune in Sossusvlei, Namib Desert in Namibia.  The climbers are trying to catch the sunrise from the summit which rises 400 feet from the ground.  Would love to be climbing this dune on Hump Day.

Here’s my selection of the most inspiring posts and moments of the week:

My Rachel was looking for research for a summer internship project to answer the question: “Are Leaders Born or Made.”  The first person that came to mind to help was Susan Barrett Kelley @ Great Moments.  Prior to jumping on this blogging train in 4Q11, I had never spoke to or met Susan but had come to admire her blog posts.  And, yet I didn’t hesitate to drop her an email asking for help.  (Love these blogging connections.  Powerful.)  Within several hours of my request, Susan had replied and the opening line in her email was: “Oh, this question is like handing a microphone to Charlie Sheen and asking if he has anything to say…”  She proceeded to offer links to research papers, web sites and her own point of view on the subject.  My reaction: Inspired.  How I managed to get wired to fantastic human beings on this ride…

Mimi @ Waiting for the Karma Truck in a return visit to inspiration row with her post titled: Post This: “The Post-It notes had one of three messages – “You’re Terrific”, “Smile” or “Have A Wonderful Day”… I started at the gym, surreptitiously placing notes on the handle of an exercise bike, on the mirror in the locker room and on the windshields of two cars in the parking lot. Honestly? I felt both tremendously silly (and I do silly very well) and sneaky (I don’t do that as well) . Onto a quick meeting, where I left one Post-It on the panel of the receptionist’s desk and again on a windshield. At Starbucks I put one on the cash register (there was no one behind me in line – the place was empty for a change), left one on the sugar/cream counter and in the ladies’ room…Talk about stepping outside one’s comfort zone…(Finish reading this awesome post at this link.)

I’m pulled towards each post from Melody Johnson @ Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog.  I often find myself drifting away and smiling as I learn about donkeys, horses and especially mules.  (In full disclosure, I grimace and turn away at the posts on animal abuse. And back to more pleasant topics.) Here’s an excerpt from “Baby Birds In The Boys Barn: “Tonight when we went down to feed dinner, Rio our mammoth donkey was standing outside the his barn door looking intently inside, he had a look like mom something is wrong. Quickly my eyes found this little tiny baby bird all hunched over against the wall..(Go to Post to read more).  Or, another post titled Living On Donkey Time: “Seems life is so darn busy and everyone is in such a hurry I find myself thinking “Just one moment please” while talking to people.  Here at the Donkey Whisperer Farm we have one Mammoth donkey, one mini donkey, one horse, three dogs and two cats.  Donkeys are on “Donkey Time”, they live in their moment and move at their speed and never ever get rushed.  I make a point to try to live like the donkeys as life is precious and fragile and there is no need to get all worked up in traffic, a slow waiter, resolving medical billing, or just coordinating the repair of one of our home appliances.  Whenever I start to feel anxious I stop and think to myself “I am on donkey time”, kinda like living in Hawaii life is slow and wonderful.”



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  1. Good sunny Wednesday morning and Good August too!


  2. Thank you for the shout-out David…I love Living on Donkey Time – it’s a terrific blog. And I bet Susan was a terrific resource for Rachel! So now I have one stupid question (I try to limit myself to ten per day) – what does YOLO stand for?


  3. David, if Rachel would like my help on Are leaders born or made just drop me a line – be glad to help


  4. Great shares. Btw, I love both Carpe diem and YOLO. Overused? Maybe. So, Hakuna Matata to you!


  5. Thank you for sharing David, happy hump day to you too!


  6. Hi David,

    Thank you for sharing my blog on the Donkey Whisperer Farm specifically “Living On Donkey Time” – I am deeply touched! Melody


  7. My first thought was “very Zen.”


  8. Just about the time I finally ask my kids what something means officially announces it’s uncool status. I asked what YOLO meant yesterday. Let’s hear Taps for YOLO.
    Great photo and links. Thanks.


  9. Love it! Now I see why you were worried about having to get up any earlier than you already do!


  10. Alex Jones says:

    A fun sand dune to climb.


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