3:40 am and Inspired…

We’re opening Hump day with a clip about two good friends…an Elephant (Tara) and a Dog (Bella).  We usually lead with a music video…not today.  This was shared with me by a follower (Thanks SR) and it has stuck with me all week.  And then on to the top posts of the week from my favorite bloggers…

Susan Kelley @ Great Moments with her post: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” It doesn’t take any more chaos than a bad day to show our propensity to focus on the negative and miss the joy in each day. (And yes, I resemble this remark.) Think of what we tell people about a bad day. We recount in detail the incompetence, laziness, selfishness and general cluelessness that diminished our brilliance. But seldom do we recall the smile and hug from a loved one, the extra mile effort of a co-worker, encouragement from a friend, and the contributions of strangers that make our productivity possible. And, the fact that we’re here to describe our day in lurid detail. We forget about that, too…”

Leonard’s post @ DealerPro Training Solutions titled Grasshopper Pie.  LOVED the story…A traveling salesman had come to the end of a long day and was very hungry. He had not made many sales and was feeling a little frustrated with his results. He decided to stop and get something to eat and mull over his next step. He stopped in town, parked on Main Street and looked around. He found two restaurants side by side.  Above each there was a sign.  The one on the left said “Food, more expensive but worth it” and the one on the right said “Food, average, cheap and will fill you up.” The man stood for a moment and looked at both signs. He weighed his choices and after deliberating for a few minutes, chose the restaurant on the right…(Hit Grasshopper Pie link to read the rest of the story)

Hanna Goss @ Goss Coaching with her post “Take a Restraining Order Out On Yourself.”  …In relationships where someone is verbally or physically abusing another, a court will step in and issue a restraining order to the keep the other person from inflicting any more harm. It’s time to take a restraining order out on yourself. Begin to ease up on the demands and criticisms you direct towards yourself…”

And The-Hump-Day-Photo-Of-The-Week: “Soar People.  Soar!”

birds soaring

Photo by fuqain junze via magicalnaturetour

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  1. David: One of the best stories I’ve seen with a good message at the end. Keep finding and posting great stuff.


  2. Alex Jones says:

    Inspirational video, despite differences mammals seem to jump the species divide in friendship.


  3. I love this…no surprise I guess. Have a great day..


  4. Wonderful way to start the day! Gonna give my honey a hug, shake off the vestiges of yesterday’s shadows, and head to the gym to do something good for myself! :-). Life is good!


  5. Reblogged this on Simple.Interesting..


  6. Enjoyed the video and thanks for sharing three links I have never read before and enjoyed. I enjoyed them.



  7. Great links. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Thanks for including my blog! Much appreciated!


  9. Made David’s List! Thanks for the syndy.


  10. Wow, David. Thank you for making me feel like the little girl who just got a gold star next to her name. I’m sitting up straight now, and smiling. Thank you!


  11. All through the clip I started to wonder about life expectancy and what that poor elephant will do when the dog dies of old age. But while they have each other, it’s very touching to see such devotion.


  12. lkanigan says:

    Animals are amazing! Grasshopper story was awesome.


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