So, let me tell you about my day Dad…

daddy and daughterWeek 3: Rachel’s summer job in Manhattan where she’s interning in a Human Resources Department.  She’s been coming home and thematically asking this line of questions:

How’d your day go Dad?”  (For 19 years, I’d come dragging through the front door at the end of a long day. She’d be lying on the couch watching continuous loops of reality TV.  Not a peep from her on how my day went.  Now she’s asking.  Hmmmm. Until you walked a mile in a man’s shoes…) 

Let me tell you about my day Dad.”  (She proceeds to jabber on and on and on about her day…giddy almost…youthful exuberance.  Anxious. Yet excited.  Learning.  Being stretched into new territory.  Unsure footing.  No worries Honey.  It will come.  It will surely come…) 

Dad, did you read about the Greek vote in the Wall Street Journal?”  (Read what, where? Rachel reading a newspaper?  The WSJ?  I’m getting woozy.)

“Dad, do you think Leadership competencies can be taught or must be learned by experience?” They are requiring HR interns to debate the topic. (Huh? My Rachel debating on leadership?  She cares about what I think?  Mind races to recent posts by John Childress, Manage Better Now, Colleen Sharen and Susan Kelly.)

Dad, what do you think about this outfit?” (Double Huh?  Another jaw dropper.  Daughter asking Dad about the appropriateness of her outfit.  Years of relentless badgering – no, too short.  No, way too short.  No, you can’t put highlights in your hair.  No, to double pierced ears.  Absolutely not, you can’t wear those shorts.  See, your Dad IS always right – you just have to give it time.)

“I’m off to bed Dad.  I’m exhausted.” (She normally goes to bed just before midnight.  No more.  I glance at the clock.  It’s 9:10 pm.  She’s fast asleep. I kiss her good night. She doesn’t stir.)

My Rachel.

Working Girl.

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  1. We must enjoy each day of each stage as it presents itself… 🙂


  2. Tom Hood says:

    This is the inevitable time when a parent right fully deserves to gloat a bit.


  3. Love this post.=)


  4. Moments to treasure. What a great dad you are to document this. I’m sure she will love to read this some day. It is a loving tribute to coming of age.



  5. Alex Jones says:

    Experience changeth the person.


  6. Smiling as I read, remembering those phases we all went through with our parents: “Man, know everything, I adore you!” then “Wow, you’re an idiot–how do you make it through the day on you own?!;” and finally, “Hmm, you really may know a thing or two. Let’s talk….”


  7. Brings back a lot of memories of driving into work with my dad after I graduated college..the conversations were similar, and he kept glancing over at me like I had two heads, but smiling the whole time. We had always had content – animals, football, best bakery, best amusement park ride, tennis – but then we moved to business and I learned some of my best lessons from him. You will teach her well, and she will continue to make your knees weak. 🙂


  8. Phantastic post, thank you!


  9. lkanigan says:

    Surprised you don’t have whiplash with your head twisting over to see if that was really her. Great to see she is growing & learning from her opportunity & experiences. Be proud!


  10. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Smiled at the photo. On Father’s Day my youngest daughter brought up the memories of dancing on her father’s feet. Music of choice: Strauss Waltzes (The Blue Danube and others). Shocking, I know 🙂


  11. A post with so much to say. David, one of the best things I have read in a while. I loved it.
    – Michael


  12. What a lovely post David. Rachel is one lucky girl!


  13. Daughters are great aren’t they. I have one of my own…


  14. I feel like asking you, How are you, David? I couldnt read your posts from last two days and I really missed you. My fav line is…
    “Dad, what do you think about this outfit?” 🙂 Its more fun asking your father or brother about your Outfit lol 😀
    Love is unconditional and parents prove to be true lovers. Stay Happy, David !


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